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Star Fox Zero is an important game. It’s one of the few games to use the Wii U pad as a key part of its gameplay mechanics, one of the only first party titles coming to the Wii U in 2016, and the first new Star Fox game to make it to home consoles since Star Fox Assault on the Gamecube. Unfortunately, it’s out at a time when Nintendo has begun phasing out the unwelcomed Wii U, and when their name is no longer always synonymous with quality; remember last year's lackluster uninteresting Mario Tennis, and the pretty but average Yoshi's Wooly World? Nevertheless, fans can take solace in the fact that action aficionados Platinum Games have been brought in to help co-develop the title. It puts us back in control of the ace space fighter pilot, Fox McCloud, who, along with the other three pilots of team Star Fox, must fight against a giant floating ape head known as Andross. It’s an extremely simple story, steals copious amounts from Star Fox 64, and never feels as though it’s progressing in

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scottrpug1107d ago

Can we begin to wonder why this looks like a Gamcube game?

deafdani1107d ago

I used to say it months ago, when the first trailers for it was shown.

Now that I actually own the game: nah.

Yes, its polygons are pretty simple, and yes, it has a lot of pretty basic texture work. But the game still has a very sharp and clean look, and a lot of stuff happening on screen at any given time. Trust me, it won't win any graphics awards, but it's still pretty pleasant on the eyes.


ZeekQuattro1107d ago

Someone is forgetting what GCN graphics look like but at least you didn't take the usual troll route that it looks like a N64 game. I will give you some credit for that.

Harrylikesgames1107d ago

Hard to believe that a core Nintendo franchise could disappoint in so many different ways

BullyMangler1106d ago

you obviously dont have the game. In reality, SFZ = 8.7/10

Owenza1107d ago

Star Fox might just be the next Sonic, and no, '90s kids; that's not a compliment.

Germany71107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

No way, you must be trolling.
Star Fox Zero is not the best game out there, but still is a good game and Platinum made it.
Sonic games are made by Sonic Team...

Stealth20k1107d ago

I love it how when Star Fox gets great reviews, nobody comments.

Then a bad review, people comment.

The game has been getting mixed reviews, some bad, most good

superchiller1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

Most of the reviews were bad, so you don't really have a point. The game is sitting on Metacritic with an overall score of 69, "mixed or average reviews", so most of the reviews are not "good", no matter how much you wish they were. Nintendo and Platinum clearly bungled one of their core franchises very badly, and it shows in the bad reviews and poor sales. It's clearly at best a mediocre game.

Stealth20k1107d ago

Most of the reviews were good......