Capcom Plans “Full-Scale Offensive” for Late 2016; Focusing on Home Video Game Core Business

Capcom released today its financial results for fiscal year 2015, and the income numbers are in the black,with a visible improvement since the previous year.

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Kalebninja1109d ago

Can I get a megaman battle network for 3ds?

naruga1109d ago

damn you capcom release Monster Hunter on Vita

VTKC1109d ago

Yeah please focus on NOT dishing out further scamming DLC and releasing half assed games. You would of been in the green instead of just black.

TheCommentator1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

I've been offended by the poor quality of Capcom's releases for quite some time now. How much more offensive can they get when the only good things they've released for years are remasters?

lizard812881108d ago

I bet it is a DLC Offense

Max-Zorin1108d ago

A Disc Locked Content Offense.

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