Street Fighter V Shipped Over 1.4 Million Copies on PS4 and PC; Brings Series' Total to 38 Million

Capcom announced today that Street Fighter V has shipped 1.4 million copies between PS4 and PC, including digital download.

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Free_Fro1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

have beatemups always been niche?
I know street fighter isn't for the faint of heart

*fighting game

KesMonkey1111d ago

Street Fighter isn't a beat 'em up. Double Dragon and Final Fight are beat 'em ups. Street Fighter is a fighting game. :)

Majin-vegeta1111d ago

Lol look at all the tears on hefe.Must suck not being able to play it :)

pompombrum1111d ago

Street Fighter 4 sold over 3m in the same time frame and with the rise of streaming and the fighting game community growing considerably since then, I'd consider 1.4m to be very very bad. Pretty sure Naruto games sell more copies than that and I'd consider them to be far more niche than a brand like Street Fighter.

fox791111d ago

Looks like lots of ps4 exclusives sell crap Sony must be paying devs lots of cash because if 3rd partys keep concentrating on the casual audience on ps4 then they can expect crap sales,the wiiu would of sold more copies then that due to the smash fans me ps4 is a big misconception and game sales prove that Sony has gained casuals this gen,Nintendo with wiiu will retain at least 80% of that audience that bought wiiu to do the jump to NX due to the console showing utter quality even though it was less it was still quality over quantity on wiiu.

Xavy1111d ago

Stop lying!

Street Fighter IV sold 3.4 million in its LIFETIME, SFV is has been out 3-4 months.

It's not very very bad as u put it, according to Capcom they predicted 2mill. so its not far of.

Plus there is more updates coming for the game, so the game is evolving.

So just stop spreading FUD.

pompombrum1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

^^^^ Yeah I might be wrong, on the 3m figure, that's what I read somewhere else but I can't confirm it. The best info I can pull up was that Street fighter 4 shipped 2m units to retail (this 1.4m figure is shipped units to retail too) in it's first two weeks.. that's still considerably higher than SF5. You can accuse me of spreading FUD as much as you want but the fact remains, 1.4m isn't exactly a good figure considering the growth in both the FGC and gaming in general. I have no agenda against the game, I love the game but I won't look on through rose tinted specs either, Capcom dropped the ball with this and only have themselves to blame. You only have one chance to release a game, you don't release a half finished game then promise to patch in the content later. If they had launched the game with the same amount of content as say MKX and done a better job marketing it, it'd have sold double their 2m estimate imho.

Dlacy13g1111d ago

1.4 million shipped to retail probably equates to just over a million sold at retail. I wonder how well its doing digitally? Either way, fighting games have definitely turned the corner in a bad way and gone from being popular must own by all titles to rather niche titles these days.

ZeroX98761110d ago


Well as long as Nintendo doesn't release another failing platform like the Wii U, they should get some kind of 3rd party support. Let's hope it isn't another under powered, not 3rd party friendly console with a new gimmick like a tablet.

donthate1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

SFV sold terribly when Capcom had to give you shipped + digital sales for both PC and PS4. Not surprising considering the poor half product they released, and the terrible choices like making it console exclusive.

In comparison, a smaller franchise like Killer Instinct had over 6 million unique users across XB1 and PC in month of March 2016. That is massive growth, user engagement and mindshare.

Street Fighter used to be the king and now....

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Kribwalker1110d ago

I'd say it's not very good at all. For as much hype as this game got, to hit 1.4million shipped including digital sales across PC and PS4 (the two biggest install bases this gen (PC is always the biggest)) is pretty bad. I'm sure crapcom is regretting their decision to go console exclusive now

badz1491111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

For such a barebone package, this is quite a number. Well can't really say I'm surprised. SWBF was barebone too and it sold millions. Seriously...what won't gamers today tolerate?

donthate1110d ago

Well the thing is, are gamers going to bite next time Capcom releases SFVI?

Reality is that, I think the user engagement numbers is far lower and quickly diminishing. Capcom shot themselves in the foot with a shotgun, and I don't think they can fix that foot.

fox791111d ago

More proof ps4 is full of casuals and mums and dads the game sales are abysmal for 40 million install base wow....Capcom should of went for more consoles ps4 does not sell games well the worst attach rate I've ever seen on any console....

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1111d ago

PlayStation Home Console has bad software attachment rate when it comes to the exclusives.

Xavy1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

More proof u dont know what u are talking about.

Your comment history tells the story of a sad little fanboy trying to be "clever".

Realms1111d ago

So funny people saying PS4 owners don't buy games might want to check their facts, as far SFV in concern many people are not stupid and have waited for more features to be added before purchasing it I know I have.


LOL that's why sunset overdrive tanked or why R&C out sold QB or how about the success of Bloodborne some of you fanboys need to learn to check facts.

ZeroX98761110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )


Well if the casuals aren't on the Wii or the 360 anymore, they have to be somewhere else right? not my problem if the competition couldn't get their hardware right for everyone. I got a couple of "Casual" friends as you say and they're enjoying their PS4 a lot as an entertainement/gaming machine. If Mario maker didn't existed, I would barely play the Wii U.

Stogz1110d ago

Comment makes no sense, attach rate of ps4 and x1 are extremely similar. Maybe do a tiny bit of research before spouting BS as fact.

badz1491110d ago


Dude, seriously? For THAT you want source but for Fox79's ridiculous claim of "worst attach rate I've seen on any console...", I didn't see you asking for source! Double standard much?

Fact is, games in general sold more on the PS4 as proven by charts everywhere but there is just no solid numbers on attach rate available to anybody so claiming "worst attach rate" based on 1 game is a bit much don't you think? Quit your trolling! Same goes to Fox79.

And this is about SFIV. As much as I'm a PS4 fan, I'm glad this didn't sell more. Charging full price for barebone product like thisbis unacceptable!

donthate1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

I didn't ask for a source from Fox79, because his/her comment is an opinion/observation. Your comment suggest it is a fact, and a well known fact at that. I ask you, because your comment seem to lead on that you know more as opposed to myriad of BS comments.

So do you have a source, or are you also BS'ing?

Stogz1110d ago

@don't hate are you serious? His comment reads as opinion?? No it does not. But I know I'm wasting my time with u as you're a well known Xbox fanboy on this site. Do you have a source that says what he says is correct?? All games sell more on ps4 than x1. It's very difficult to find any sources regarding attach rate, but for some companies Like EA attach rate is higher on ps4, for ubisoft attach rate is higher for x1. Like I said, very similar. Do you have proof that I'm wrong or are you just defending your brand like I always see you do on this site?

donthate1110d ago


Stop pointing fingers at others, and stand behind your own comment!

For a moment there I actually took your comment seriously, but it seems you are just a BS'er like Fox79. At least his was an opinion, a BS opinion, but an opinion none the less.That said, it seems you don't know the difference between opinion and fact either.

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Kurt Russell1110d ago

I would have got it had it been more content rich. I've enjoyed the majority of Street Fighter titles but all the bad press put me off of this one until it comes down in price or improves in features. Right now I have my eye on King of Fighters XIV instead.

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lastking951111d ago

Mortal kombat is king. Still don't understand why they launched SF with next to nothing in game all they did was hurt themselves.

Majin-vegeta1111d ago

Yea so king.....that it took a whole year just to get its online play playable and its still crap.

lastking951109d ago

I never had a problem with it's online and ive had it day one. Mkx is the best fighter on the market atm (smash not included lol)

Akuma2K1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Don't hold your breath, SF has been king of fighting games since SF2 first came out on arcades those many years ago and still is to this day.

Hurt themselves ? SF5 selling 1.4 million copies is a pretty good number with it having limited content when we know new content is on the way and the game will be continually updated.

lastking951109d ago

Back in the day yeah sf was king but MK has surpassed it.

sephiroth4201111d ago

I like Mortal Kombat, for sure its better than SF5, but the real king will always be Tekken.

lastking951109d ago

I used to love me some tekken it's been so long since i played it tbh.

sephiroth4201109d ago

me too, i sold my ps3 a while ago with all the games, Tekken tag 2 is the one i miss the most :(. hopefully Tekken 7 will be on PC.

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