Quantum Break Is Blatantly Better Than Uncharted 4 - Satire

"Reviews for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End were published this past week, and the Internet flipped out over them because Uncharted reviews bring the very worst dregs of humanity crawling out from under rotted driftwood."

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Overload1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Quantum Break is just another game that will come and go, Uncharted 4 won't and you gave them the same score.

I'm not condoning attacking the guy about it though and in the end 8.5 is still a great score.

BLizardXD1110d ago

Lost Odyssey scored poorly and was remembered heavily by fans. Quantum Break has plenty of content to work on for sequels to come.

Overload1110d ago

The Lost Oddessy IP seems to have been ditched considering it doesn't have a sequel and the Xbox One could use a JRPG.

Not really the best example.

1109d ago
thekhurg1108d ago

I find it sad that this guy gave both games the same score and then throws a satire piece up about them afterwards.

ShadowKnight1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

If you watch Angry Joe video review on Quantum Break you will get your answer. He doesn't just tell you he shows you how bad the game is. I thought it was decent at best.

BLizardXD1109d ago

Better than the order 1886 though for sure.

ShadowKnight1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

I wouldn't know because I never played the Order 1886.

BLizardXD1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

ShadowKnight "I wouldn't know because I never played the Order 1886. It's definitely better than Ryse: Son of Rome."

I forgot shooting was in Ryse, good point.

ShadowKnight1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

What was the reason for you to bring up the Order 1886? Last time I check this article was talking about Quantum Break and Uncharted 4. BTW One thing I did like about Quantum Break was that the achievements was easy to get on my first walk through.

Tacobell3231109d ago

I played Until Dawn (actually hands on) and i thought QB offered better gameplay. you spend most of the time walking in Until Dawn making choices. and it's cheap "porn star" dialogue in that game was purposely dumb, none of it smart. The only person who was logical was Peter Stormare. the cat fights and stupid "cheating on me this and that" background story (you know what i'm talking about) was lame. it's supposed to be like a B class collage horror flick but it's no different than QB wanting to be a TV series with it's script. and IGN even gave it a 7.5, yet everyone said it was a sleeper hit. QB has a legitimate future ahead of it's self. if you actually played that game.

ShadowKnight1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

@Tacobell323 Ummm I actually did play the game Xbox fanboy and it wasn't that good. If you wanna know my XBOX gamertag let me know. I have to agree with Angry Joe with his review. Until Dawn had a way better story than Quantum Break. It's funny yall keep comparing other Sony exclusives with Quantum Break lol. Your history speaks for itself Lol

Tacobell3231109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

ShadowKnight "@Tacobell323 Ummm I actually did play the game Xbox fanboy and it wasn't that good. If you wanna know my XBOX gamertag let me know. I have to agree with Angry Joe with his review. Until Dawn had a way better story than Quantum Break. It's funny yall keep comparing other Sony exclusives with Quantum Break lol. Your history speaks for itself Lol"

"Clap, clap,clap" I wasn't asking for your tag. and i actually did play Until Dawn, which does not have a better story. and i don't care who Angry Joe is. Angry Joe doesn't make games.

ShadowKnight1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )


You are entitled to your opinion. I'm not going to go back and forth with anyone on social media or gaming website especially a fanboy.. Good day Sir.

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Pogmathoin1109d ago

"bring the very worst dregs of humanity crawling out from under rotted driftwood."

This applies here.....

GamingIVfun1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

Jim, I like you but the sarcasm is lame, and you are being just as bad as what you are complaining about.

I like Quantum Break, it was a great game, but I can see where people would lower the score for it, just on technical issues alone.

I haven't played Uncharted 4, will soon, but if it is only as good as the first three games it is better than Quantum Break for me. Of course you are allowed to have your opinion and it's just as valid as anyone else's but with most sites, many of them just as reputable as yours, saying that it is the best game in the series and game of the year and giving it 9.5 to a 10 score and the game having current 9.5 score on metacritic, which is getting harder and harder to achieve these days, that people would question your review.

By the way I would give Quantum Break a generous 8 in my opinion.

You do gaming journalism on the internet, journalist, especially kinda edgy journalist, shouldn't be so thin skinned.

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fenome1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

I don't usually like satire, but this was actually kind of amusing.

He's more telling fan boys to get over themselves than anything else really. An opinion I agree with wholeheartedly. There's nothing wrong with having preferred systems or games but stop trying to shove it down everybody's throat. The worst are the ones that blatantly just make things up and straight lie, what's the point? And yes, there are really annoying ones on ALL sides of the spectrum.

End of the day not everyone is going to like the exact same things you do, and that's not a bad thing. This Industry would stifle itself to death if there was no variety or competition. As long as you like it who the hell cares what random people on the Internet think?

UltraNova1109d ago

Stop with your common sense! hehe

Jim Sterling is at it again and fanboys will get enraged. This was pure undiluted satire, with a slight hint of 'I mean it' somewhere in there, if I may say.

I wish Jim could answer this but based on his scoring does he really believe U4 and QB are equal games?

dp2774071108d ago

Just because more people have an opinion not shared by you doesn't mean its being shoved down your throat, maybe you come here with your throat wide open.

DLConspiracy1108d ago

Well said. I thought it was funny. I got the humor. Both sides are pretty big hypocrites.

notachance1108d ago

'As long as you like it who the hell cares what random people on the Internet think?'

Jim Sterling care apparently, he care so much he write a long-ass satire so that he can have a peace of mind that he retaliated against trolling fanboys lol.

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Kaneki-Ken1110d ago

Who ever wrote this article is just ignorant, and salty. Most of his opinion mention is already answered in trilogy of Drake characteristics and why do this stuff, Uncharted 4 show how he have change because if you played the game, in the end he clearly show how wrong this article is.

Kalebninja1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

It's satire.

stuna11110d ago

The thing about satire is that it can also be used as a way to mask or redirect ones actual feelings under the guise it's all in jest.

johndoe112111109d ago

Which is exactly what he did. Granted, I understand his annoyance. He got a lot of flack from people who were pissed that he rated uncharted 4 the same as quantum break, and it's people who haven't even played the game as yet so I can't really fault him on that. This entire piece is rage satire, it's basically him jokingly admitting to being an xbox fanboy because people are accusing him of it. I dont think he was laughing at all when he wrote this. Personally, I have never cared about jim sterling or his reviews. He has shown WAAAAAY to much bias and stupidity in game reviews in the past for anyone to take him seriously as far as i'm concerned.

I haven't played either game so I really can't judge which is better from any sort of personal experience. The only judgement I can make is from the reviews I've read so far and I have issues with people who gave quantum break very high scores after seeing many videos showing glaring downsides of the game, especially when certain ps4 exclusives were hammered to death for having similar faults. I haven't seen anything but praise and statements of almost perfection for U4, so I would be very wary of anyone who gave both these games the same score whether it be high or low scores.

Kingthrash3601109d ago

Well I own both, played both wanted both.. (check past comments) uncharted runs circles around qb.
It's beat qb is every aspect.
Replay ability
Voice acting
Size of maps
I could go on ....and I will
Has mp
Sound effects
Melee combat
Weapon verity
...and the list can go on.
To give them the same score is just bs at its finest.
Yes it's his opinion...but then write a opinion piece rather that a review.
A review is supposed to take everything in account, not what your opinion is.
Things like graphics, frames, length,
Stability are not opinions but facts. Clearly uncharted is the better game and should be scored as such.

Lamboomington1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )


all those things are better in your opinion. Going back to square one all over again. The vast majority of people would probably agree with you, including myself, but that's completely besides the point. Stability is the only objective thing there, along with character graphics.

Just about everything else you mentioned are completely different. The gunplay is completely different, the graphics are very different. The soundscape is COMPLETELY different. The story is a completely different type of story. How did you come to the conclusion that the sounds in UC4 are objectively better ? How do you even compare ? You do know that QB features some of the most impressive sound manipulation in games ? but again, how are you comparing ?
Stealth ? QB doesn't even have stealth... Level Size ? bigger is not objectively better. Weapon Variety ? QB has time powers, which UC4 doesn't, which means UC4 has to rely more on weapons. Again, just completely different gunplay overall.

It's not BS to score them the same if someone actually enjoys the experience the same. QB and Uncharted 4 are still very different games. Why is it so difficult to see that someone might have an overall experience with QB that they really like ? Why is it so hard to see that some people might walk away with approximately the same level of satisfaction ?

For example, I find the story in QB to be more interesting in the beginning simply because of the subject matter. The science fiction part of it is very well handled and interesting to me in a way that pirate treasure simply isn't . As a result, what *could* end up happening is QB's story impacts me more than Uncharted 4. That might affect my scoring of the two games. Doesn't mean it's bullshit.

A review score IS AN OPINION. A review score will NEVER be objective, neither can it be, save for a few aspects of a game, such as stability. How much do those aspects influence the score ? Again, even that is subjective and varies from person to person, from game to game. How much do you factor in other game scores when scoring a game ? Do you review a game on it's own ambitions and experience, or compare it with other games in the genre ? How far do you go with that comparison ? Again, that's subjective, and varies wildly depending on the type of game. Reviews are not objective, and they never will be, especially when comparing two games that are very different in a lot of ways.

If people understand this, then maybe all the stupid "You have this game X, but this game Y" will stop. It's incredibly annoying, and doesn't make sense to begin with. It demonstrates a basic lack of understanding as to how review scores work.

Kingthrash3601108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

That's incorrect.
Frames per second
AI... (watch angry Joe's review)
Melee combat
Weapon variety
Map scale
Climbing (platforming )
Are all are are not opinions .
These are digital foundry.
And play both. Things like story would be opinion...but the list above are facts. These things are clear as day better and both have been analyzed . 8 could elaborate, but why. You already Facepalmed my comment covering your eyes from the truth.
So at the end of the day from a technical standpoint ..(something not opinion) as a game should be reviewed on uncharted has qb trumped easy...they should not have the same review score. Period.
A review should have both opinion and fact yes.. but the meat and potatoes should be based on pure fact. Stability, length, resolution, size, MP, AI, replay ability and difficulty are facts...everything else like story, characters and other opinions should be a minor point in reviewing a game. Sadly because of clicks alot of site who do reviews (according to ign evolve is a better game than both qb and uncharted, go figure) base their reviews on opinion instead of facts. And that's why almost all reviews are night and day.
Some are actually reviews and some are opinion pieces.

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jmac531109d ago

Clicked in just to see somebody who doesn't know what satire is. There is always at least one.

magiciandude1110d ago

Quantum Break was an ultra amazing experience. I'm going to be playing Uncharted 4 day one and see which one I like better or if they're both the same.

SpaceRanger1110d ago

I played QB as the first game I got on my Xbox One this past month. The game is average at best.

QB and UC4 are in two separate tiers. Just based on gameplay alone, UC4 is clearly in the top tier in comparison of the two. If there even was comparison. Unfortunately, I'm expecting you to have a few trolling comments once it's out.

DigitalRaptor1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

Well, that is what I expect too. He said to me that Uncharted 4 has PS3 graphics. We all know he's going to downplay Uncharted 4 to oversell Quantum Break. I mean he's already calling what is a forgettable, average game, "ultra amazing".

I'm already informed, as you are clearly, but you only need to watch these two reviews understand on what level Quantum Break is. Despite opinions being subjective, too much of it is inherently objective to ignore:

You will never find an honest opinion about Uncharted 4 that is anywhere close to as scathing.

rainslacker1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

I'm personally playing both as their own thing. Don't really care how they compare. Enjoyed QB for my time with it, and I'm hoping to enjoy UC4 with my time with it.

Once I've played through UC4 enough, and feel confident in comparing the two, I probably will do so. But I'm not going to base my opinion of UC4 on how it compares to QB. That's just dumb.

Aloy-Boyfriend1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

If only