AFRIKA Reviewed by WiG: 'An Unbelievable Safari Adventure'

WhatifGaming concludes with the following:

"Afrika is anything but a point-and-click game, giving it a realistic experience that makes anyone who gets it craves for a Safari adventure that the game fully realizes. With a completely massive and endless scale of the world, and an Afrika with no bounds, the photographer's dreams of capturing beauty and the kingdom come to life in this well-balanced and extremely stirring title that will depart players with the sense to never leave the landscape again. Look at us, we're still here. Watching the sun go down across Afrika's horizon."

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TOO PAWNED3703d ago

Anyways i will wait for other reviews. If game was maybe 30$ or when it gets to that price point i will get it.

kittoo3703d ago

Hope they release it everywhere

mfwahwah3702d ago

I truly don't understand why it's Japan-only. This is the only Japan-only game that I've ever really heard a lot about, and I was so excited to try this game out. Honestly, I think it's a mistake not to localize this in at least NA and EU.

JoyiusHammer3703d ago

Actual full review is at the link I believe. What's posted is from WiG UK

504BADBOY3703d ago

sony can release a game call sh!t and these folks will eat it up like its so great i didn't really know the affect that sony had on all these clowns

tangerine3703d ago

You have a 360 :(
You have a small penis, and a tiny brain, so you are mad at the world.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

+COMING SOON!!! on xBox 360...'AFRIKA-Burnt Wastelands'!!! ;-D
(Ooooops!!! I left the xBox 360 on!!!) ;-D

juuken3703d ago

And I wonder what effect Microsoft had on you morons.

I mean, no new IP's, rehashed IP's, flops, RROD, disk scratching, last gen technology, ripoffs...the list is endless.

*sigh* 360 fanatics at their worst.

tangerine3703d ago

I mean, I import fighting games (coz text is incidental) but I really want to play this game, but I think it will be like stumbling around in the dark for non Japanese speakers/readers.

therealwillie3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

i think its coming out in hongkong, and if it does there would be an english option on it, or atleast hopefully

spunnups3703d ago

I hope this comes to the states but i'll import it if i have to

deeznuts3702d ago

If there is an Asian version, it may come out with english option.

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The story is too old to be commented.