Unchained X might be free-to-play, but it’s Kingdom Hearts in every way

AVclub: This past month, the latest Kingdom Hearts finally saw a release in North America, this one taking the form of an Android and iOS app, of all things. Kingdom Hearts Unchained X (pronounced “Unchained Key” for reasons too convoluted to get into here) is the mobile version of a Japan-exclusive browser game, and it bears all the hallmarks that have come to typify free-to-play releases. It tasks players with creating themselves an avatar, then tackling a series of bite-sized quests and managing multiple resources that can be spent on improving your character’s stats and abilities. These can be either earned by jumping through various hoops or purchased outright with real money. It is, in many ways, a paint-by-numbers, micro-transaction-driven mobile game.

It is also very much a Kingdom Hearts game.

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PhoenixUp1519d ago

It makes sense how you run into Disney characters since it's in the book. However it doesn't make sense how you run into Mickey, Donald & Goofy in Daybreak Town.

Their appearance feels very shoehorned in with no explanation other than to sell the game in images on the digital store.