Overwatch: The Next Team Fortress? - Blackman 'N Robin

BNR: Overwatch is a class-oriented FPS; at the start of a match, everybody picks a character- there are multiple classes of characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses and special abilities. It’s a lot like Team Fortress 2, which right now is the reigning king of the genre- will it be dethroned by Overwatch, which has nearly twice as many characters and a shiny coat of paint? Not necessarily- but Overwatch will prove to be worthy competition.

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Free_Fro1109d ago

It's just more fun. I enjoy it a whole lot more than TF2
The characters are way more like-able too..
For example, Milady Pharah..
Hovering in the air and reigning justice from above never gets old...

Jourdy2881109d ago

Yes! Nothing compares to a good old rocket barrage.