Yoshida: Team ICO's PS3 game will be shown "soon"

Sony worldwide studio head Shuhei Yoshida has given the clearest indication yet that the firm is ramping up to the announcement of Fumito Ueda's next game, confirming to VG247 that the PS3 project will be shown "soon."

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thor3704d ago

At TGS, we already guessed :P

MURKERR3704d ago

year of the unique games for ps3 heavy rain,mag and this ps3 is going from strength to strength

Bombibomb3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

If the "secret" BBC PS3 game isn't Heavy Rain then this HAS TO be it. And I'm pretty sure that by "soon" he means TGS in October.

meepmoopmeep3704d ago

i can't wait to see what they show!!!

Overr8ed3704d ago

I the game still unannounced? I would have thought it was Eye pet. well what ever it is the Ps3 looks like its going to have another good year *sigh* i need a job.

sonarus3704d ago

Be afraid people. Team Ico is capable of amazing things. They create masterpieces

mfwahwah3704d ago

I know what you mean. I'm on a job hunt right now >.<

SolidAhmed3704d ago

This is the game that can make a difference.
This is the game can push the ps3 to its limit. (for the third year)
This is the game will be on the top list of best games on all time.
This is the game most true gamers looking for.
This is the game is truly can differentiates the ps3 from all consoles.
This is the game that can be compare to MGS4 in production value.
This is the game that changed my life as a gamer beside MG on the MSX.

What can i say more.
in Sum I Love this Game.

ps: hopefully it is more than 7 hours of game play.

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kittoo3704d ago

BTW, is TGS before or Sony gamer's day?

King_many_layers3704d ago

SGD is next year

TGS is this year.

gaffyh3704d ago

Tokyo Game Show - October 9-12

Sony's game day is next july I think

Lucreto3704d ago

Lets hope "soon" would be TGS in October.

Tacki3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

I simply cannot wait to see what this team is able to accomplish with the power of the PS3. They've already created two of my favorite games of all time and I'm giddy with excitement over what their next offering could be. They've already managed so much with reletively little experience. I can only see their future projects improving.

Here's hoping for something at TGS! *crosses fingers*

WengYong3704d ago

I never got to play Shadow Of Colossus. Gutted because I never saw it here in NZ. If ICO was anything to go by then I cant wait for this title. Where are ICO based ??

meepmoopmeep3704d ago

Team ICO are based in Japan

micro_invader3704d ago

lol, I'm the opposite. Played SOTC but never got to ICO but I'm sure I saw SOTC in stores like DSE and The Warehouse, they probably still have copies left, you should try pick one up.

WengYong3704d ago

Ill try look for it man. I seriously want to play it.

DaTruth3704d ago

Never got to to play SOTC but Ico looked like a PS3 game. Yes I'm exaggerating a little but I remember a lot of the environments and it brings to mind Uncharted(Without the HD and Hi-res textures).

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