Nintendo's Only E3 Game is Zelda and That's Not OK


"We weigh in on the absence of Nintendo's Digital event at E3."

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LOL_WUT1113d ago

We all know the next Zelda game will be amazing, but just because the next Zelda title is underway, doesn't mean Nintendo should get a free pass by not showing anything else at E3. Imagine if this were Sony or Microsoft? Everyone would let them have it. ;)

Fin_The_Human1113d ago

Agreed man.

This is a big middle finger to all the WiiU fans.

What ever the NX is gimmick or not, I hope Nintendo supports it more than the WiiU and hope 3rd party developers support it.

ChickeyCantor1112d ago

> This is a big middle finger to all the WiiU fans.

It's on its way out. lol you guys are so dramatic.

gamerb61113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Bullshit as usual from one of N4g's biggest trolls. Nintendo said that Zelda will be the only playable game at e3 not the ONLY game at e3.

U trolls get worse by the day. Lol_wot your new name is lol_wot life? Cause you really need to get one. Lol d;o)

BiggerBoss1112d ago

You sound really upset. Probably because even you know Nintendo is f'ing up.

pcz1112d ago

to add insult to injury, their only playable game on show wont be out until this time next year.

the damage control fans keep making out that its a tactical choice to have an absence of games and new hardware at e3, while i think its a deeply worrying indication of the state of affairs at nintendo

gamerb61112d ago

And how does this affect your sad pathetic life?
What successes have you had in your life that match that of Nintendos to back up why we should all listen to a Nintendo hater?

Have you ever ran a company as long as Nintendo?

Have you made billions like Nintendo?

Have you made millions of people happy like Nintendo?

Nope your just an insignificant troll. Go back under your bridge, u have no credentials. d;o)

WickedLester1112d ago

It's their only PLAYABLE game at E3. Doesn't mean they wont show more.

quantae061112d ago

Unfortunately, Nintendo has thrown in the towel on the Wii U. This is why nothing will be shown at E3 but Zelda. Nintendo has promised Wii U fans Zelda so that game will be present at E3. I wouldn't be shocked to see less than a hand full of new AAA Wii U games from now on. Nintendo NX will be here shortly!

higgins781112d ago

Sony and/or Microsoft have yet earned - and perhaps never will - this 'privilege'. Nintendo kick-started the industry as we know it, has created the majority of the best games of all time AND had to navigate some key franchises in the transition from 2D to 3D - a feat neither Sony or Microsoft have needed to do. Most of the blueprints for the videogames we know today come from the desks of Nintendo.

superchiller1111d ago

No, it really isn't as dramatic or amazing as you claim. In fact, Nintendo has shown Sony and MS how NOT to design gaming hardware, and how NOT to make games. They've become mostly irrelevant in the gaming industry, and with most of the gaming community.

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RosweeSon1113d ago

Because the new Pokemon games won't get a look in? Sure Zelda maybe the only Playable game on the show floor but there will be other announcements.

3-4-51113d ago

* Not a big deal, we are getting a separate Nintendo Direct for the NX and I think it will be better than way when it is the only focus.

quent1113d ago

There are always surprise announcements with the anticipated ones at E3, not long now.

nevin11113d ago

Can anybody explain Nintendo's mindset?

CyrusLemont1113d ago

"We're on the cusp of revealing a new console but are yet to show it, and thus can only present what we currently have that is new and upcoming on currently released systems." Zelda is the exception because despite it being an NX game, it's also a Wii U title. Though it is odd that there's nothing for the 3DS. A sign that maybe the NX will be a line of new systems with games that scale across its platforms. Similar to the original goal of the PS Vita and PS3/4?

ape0071113d ago

i can explain, remember when Miyamoto said that HD development needed more manpower?

yep that's it, they need time adapting with the technology giving how games are demanding nowadays, im not making excuses for them btw, their wii and wiiu simple game design philosophy (for maximum revenue) bite their rear ends but hopefully they can adapt well and stun us with the NX

AKR1113d ago

"Our next system is going to cost a bit of money. So, let's make sure they a reason to save their money; not give them anything to buy this year!"

That was a joke, but that's really how it's starting to seem.

pcz1112d ago

they only have one good game in playable form. its as simple as that.

sony and microsoft are going to capitalise on nintendos absence on the show floor. the journalists will have tonnes to write about micro/sony, but little to write about nintendo. little positive anyway.

it also means gamers will turn their attention more towards sony and microsoft, since they actually have more games on show. whichever way you look at it, nintendo will lose a lot of custom to sony/micro.

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