Will Nintendo NX’s No Show At E3 This Year Give Sony An Opening With The PS4 NEO?

By not bringing the NX to E3, Nintendo are giving a major opportunity to Sony and the PS4K.

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seanpitt231105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

I think sony will hold off announcing neo at e3 now Nintendo has unless Microsoft has something planned. I think this will give them more time and they will announce it later on in the year to launch it next year to compete with the NX plus it will give PSVR more time in the spotlight.

Xavy1105d ago

I dont think Sony will announce NEO on E3. It's a big risk to take when they have VR to think about.

DigitalRaptor1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

The R&D efforts into a revised PS4 model would not be as time-consuming or risky an investment as a brand new console, so they might be able to hold off keeping it to a strict schedule. It could be something they decide to announce in response to the competition, such as, if Microsoft announces a more powerful Xbox One at E3. They could do what they did with PS4 - upping to specs to respond.

If they can choose not to reveal it, they should instead focus on pushing PSVR, until the time is right for NEO.

Either way, I doubt that what is a sure thing for NEO, they have anything to worry about with Nintendo. Sony has third-party on lock, and a great first-party stable with great second-party ties. I desperately want Nintendo to get a handle on third-party content like Sony and MS make an effort to, but I can't see it happening. They release fantastic games when they want to but they aren't doing as hot as they were. The Wii was an anomaly based on something that resonated with a wider audience, and their console sales were already in a state of decline since the NES.

It's pretty much all on a platter for Sony at E3, but it's not for lack of efforts of their own.

wonderfulmonkeyman1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

Correction; Sony does have to worry about Nintendo, if we're talking solid first and second party support.
Nintendo's got a lock on those two areas, hands down. They've put out more software than any other single publisher for years.

Third party support is where Sony outshines Nintendo, and indies are impartial and are a great fit for all three consoles since so few of them actually require a super powerful system, so it doesn't matter where you go for most of them.

As for the Neo itself, see my solo post; I don't feel it's wise to release the Neo.
They really should wait for the PS5 to do any sort of upgrade, so that they can take advantage of another big leap in tech in 5 or so years to drive sales, which is a much more appropriate time interval for a hardware upgrade.

PSVR isn't important enough to warrant an unneeded mid-gen upgrade, be it small or large. In fact, packaging the PSVR with PS5 later on as an optional bundle might help the PS5 soar to even greater heights than the PS4 did, and the time spent waiting would also take down the costs of the PSVR's tech so that it could be offered at a more competitive price.

LOL_WUT1104d ago

Both the X1 and PS4 offer a bigger library of indie game as oppose to Nintendo's smaller selection. Perhaps you don't know this because you only have a WiiU. Also, where were you when Nintendo released the NEW 3Ds? Didn't that have an exclusive title? Yet, no outcry.

If anything, I believe Nintendo is worried about both Sony and Microsoft; hence, the NX delay. ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

I don't feel that it's a smart move to release a mid-gen update, for Sony, because it's a divisive move.

If the Neo isn't a big leap in technical power, then it just makes the thing look like a lazy cash grab, made entirely for the sake of milking the richest of gamers that want it for 4K and VR.

But if it DOES sport a lot more technical power, then it also eats directly into the potential of a PS5, because it'll make the leap between 4 and 5 not seem as big as the leap from PS3 to PS4 was.
Which is bad, since the major tech leap was one of the biggest reasons the PS4 has sold as well as it has. Lessening that doesn't help the PS5 have a good start.

And in both cases, even if it's only a small amount at first, that becomes a turn-off for consumers that just recently bought an original PS4.
They'll either feel like the original PS4 was just a waste when the "true form" of it was coming up in the form of the slightly more powerful Neo, or they'll feel like they just bought an entirely last-gen console if the Neo turns out to be a major tech leap.

Either way one spins it, it would be better for Sony to hold back on the PSNeo.
PSVR isn't so important a gimmick that it justifies killing any amount of potential hype that a possible PS5 would really benefit from, let alone the risk of making even a SMALL amount of current PS4 owners discontent with what they've bought.

LOL_WUT1104d ago

I bought mine on launch, and I have no problem with this. As long as they don't do what Nintendo did with the NEW 3Ds, they should be fine. Also PSVR is just an option. I'm glad Sony isn't forcing this down our throats like other companies try to do. ;)