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"When word broke recently that Dark Souls 3 really was set to be the last game in the series, many fans were sad to learn that one of the best and most challenging Action RPG series was coming to an end. However, it wasn’t long before a game called Nioh was announced to be releasing later this year that drew heavy inspiration from the popular From Software series. After completing the demo recently I can honestly say that Souls fans will be all set if Dark Souls really is over, as Nioh is a blood relative of it and is just as fantastic in its own way so far."

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S-Word1110d ago

It's not carrying the dark souls torch at all. Nioh is actually challenging. Lords of the Fallen was what was carrying the dark souls torch.

nitus101110d ago

I did find Nioh much more visceral than the Souls series and Bloodborne in that there was not only lots of blood but body parts would come off as well. The game does have a Souls/Bloodborne feel to it although there are definite differences.

I do think that Nioh is a challenging successor to Bloodborne rather than the Souls series although it does bring in the concepts of weapon maintenance which is missing in Bloodborne but present in the Souls series.

If you like the Bloodborn and Souls series of games then Nioh is one game to look out for when it finally comes out.