'Gears Of War 4': 4 Gameplay Issues With The Beta That Made For Poor Reviews And Sad Fans

""Gears Of War 4's" open beta just finished, and it was met with mixed critical reviews. Read our take on the four biggest gameplay flaws that plagued the early access period!"

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gamer11381112d ago

Poor reviews? Who's been reviewing and scoring the beta? I still don't get sites that are judging this beta as if it is the final product. Halo 5 improved in almost every area after it's beta. There is no reason to assume Gears 4 won't.

Lastly calling out weapon balancing as an issues? That's why you have a beta!!! It will be adjusted for launch.

Overload1112d ago

Alot of the previews or reviews of the beta are not so favorable.

MachuchalBrotha3161111d ago

Stop lying.....why don't you spend more time submitting great PS4 news. Its obvious Xbox is not your thing.

remixx1161111d ago

That's why it's a beta dude... it's not meant to represent the final product, they even said that this is a literal BETA not meant to be a demo.

donthate1111d ago

Because of people like you?

Play some games that are released, and judge a game when it is released. You will have a much better time if you do.

andrewsquall1111d ago

For f*** sake, for the last time, there is NOTHING special about this studio when they say that this Beta was actually not like other Betas but is a REAL Beta/Alpha/PreAlpha. What has this studio done that gives them any kind of "oh well it is Naughty Dog, we know they are going to deliver regardless" privilege?

The graphics are incredibly disappointing and baffling and 4 months to the game going gold isn't a good sign either. End of discussion. The fact if you defend they are going to improve them massively before launch for the multiplayer mode (actual fidelity AND better performance which was around the 47fps mark) is you agreeing that it does look indeed very bland for a Gears game.

DarXyde1111d ago

Mate, I think you're very well aware it's a beta. Something that is not the final product that's half a year away. I'm sure you wouldn't like a game on PS4 that you care about being judged unfairly when it's still in development. Show some empathy for your fellow gamers.

GameNameFame1111d ago

Do you guys want some magic to happen in less than 4 months??

This opinion pieces are already ACCOUNTING for the fact that it is beta. Read the review. It says constantly. "given that it is a beta". Even for a beta, people are saying its bad. Live with it

Fact is Black Tusk is no where near quality as Epic was. Just like Gears Judgement took quality dived when other dev took over, new gears wont be as good as ones Epic made.

Before anyone says "oh black tusk has former Epic employee", lol. so does 343. Even Gears Judgement had Epic supervision on it. Having couple Epic employee is not same as the whole team....

NeoGamer2321111d ago

That's why they do the beta 6 months before the game releases vs the month before. So they actually have time to make changes. There are many betas, but very few do them early enough to actually make gameplay changes.

Mr Pumblechook1111d ago

I think it is fair comment to talk about gameplay elements, however critising a beta for bugs and glitches is the most stupid thing I've read here today. Especially as this is not an near-launch 'beta' used for promotion, but a beta for a game some five months before launch when these will be ironed out.

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christocolus1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )


Well said. It's definitely going to improve before launch. It seems some people clearly don't know what a beta test is all about. Rod has stated this over and over again. At this time it's best to ignore them.


I've also seen many previews happy with the beta and since when did it become ok for sites to start reviewing betas?

nucky641111d ago

I don't think anything can be considered "definite". quantum break was supposed to be a "can't miss" hit and it's current metacritic average is 77........oops - I take that back. UC4 I figure is a definite home-run judging by it's current review average of 96.
anyway - I do agree picking apart a beta for faults doesn't make any sense - betas are used to find issues so the devs can fix them.

christocolus1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )


“I don't think anything can be considered "definite". quantum break was supposed
to be a "can't miss" hit and it's currentnmetacritic average is 77........oops - I take that back. UC4 I figure is a definite home-run judging by it's current review average of 96.”

What does all that have to do with my comment? I'm talking about a Beta not being representative of the final product and you talking about metacritic scores for QB and UC4? Is this some kind of stealth trolling? Wow. Bravo. Lmao XD. smh.

Wallstreet371111d ago

History of betas lately tell a different story. Stop trying to discount ppls opinions just because you want to defend a series or company you like. BOth sides of the argument have merit. Many games that were suppose to look better or iron out issues from a beta never did and what we saw in the beta was very close to final.

MachuchalBrotha3161111d ago

@Wallstreet, its funny you say that. When you are the first one on many Xbox articles to "discount" others opinions.

hardcorehenry1111d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed it, felt like pure gears to me. Had forgotten why I like gears so much, but the beta was an awesome reminder.

To hell with what the psycho raving sony fanboy media have to say.

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Bnet3431111d ago

Rod confirmed this isn't even a beta. It's an alpha build. Just named a beta for marketing purposes and to not confuse the masses. His words. But as a huge Gears fan, I was highly disappointed. Can't lie about that. Alpha, Beta, whatever. Needs alot of work.

MRMagoo1231111d ago

the funny thing is that same guy said everyone thinks of betas as demos now why call an alpha a Beta in the first place, call it an alpha so people don't think that's what the games gonna look like. the guy basically defeats his own point in his rant when people complained about how bad the "beta" was.

Yetter1111d ago

It does? Whats wrong with it? I've never liked Gears MP but I played a ton of that beta. Couldn't put it down

BiggerBoss1111d ago

"It's an alpha build. Just named a beta for marketing purposes"

And you don't see a problem with that?

Yseri01111d ago

@nucky64 94...still incredible but lets try to avoid lying and trying to inflate the score.

Barricade1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

it's 96 on average counting all the reviews on submitted on n4g, 94 on metacritic. He wasn't wrong, although I don't agree with him using metacritic score for Quantum Break but not for Uncharted 4.

OT: They held a beta for feedback and they have more than enough time to listen to the fans. Yeah sure, most betas lately where just a part of the finished game just to use as a stress test for the servers (Destiny and Call of Duty come to mind), but those two betas came out just over 2 months before the games released. Gears isn't coming out till October. It'll be a must-buy for every Xbox One owner

Onenyte1111d ago

Dude, don't even justify the points by using too much common sense .

Who actually reviews a beta, and why are they taken so seriously? it's not like it's something we can't get our hands on our selves and make our own judgment for free ( well mostly )

FalloutWanderer20771111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

The irony hurts my tummy. It reminds me of the recent DOOM Beta and now look at the recent video of the new Nivida 1080 GPU showcased using DOOM single-player running on the Vulkan API.
It looks and runs much better and I imagine the MP will be an improvement over the Beta as well. This is what beta's are for after all, to get feedback. It's like gamers these days don't understand gaming. The majority of this stuff has been common gaming knowledge for years - Alpha, Beta, game demos etc. etc.

Wallstreet371111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

We are talking about console gaming generally lol a pc game is a whole different beast and Alot of it depends on your rig so why are u mentioning doom running on one of the strongest rigs in gaming lol smfh

We have history....
Almost all Assassins Creeds games that had bugs in beta ended up in final and games were same most part..

Uncharted betas were always great and final ended up similar to beta. Minus UC3 changing for the worst in its final build after subway beta lol

Destiny Beta similar to final

And many many more. Im not saying it wont or can't get improved im saying history hs been showing us from beta to final alot if things dont change contrary to what ppl or devs say.

Your talking about ppl not understanding gaming yet you fail to realize there is concrete evidence of games going from beta to final with same bugs and issues smh. That fanboy juice is strong.

Things can go either way, hopefully they handle what ppl arent happy with.

FalloutWanderer20771109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

@Wallstreet37 I bring up DOOM as it's a recent game with a MP Beta and it received complaints not that different than what GOW is getting now. Also, it doesn't have anything to do with a powerful gaming rig, I have a powerful gaming rig now, the DOOM MP Beta was slower than it should/could of been, hence the video I posted showing that in fact, DOOM is a lot faster than what was seen with the MP. I'd also ask you to please refrain from slinging unsubstantiated B.S. by calling me a fanboy. I'm not a fanboy of DOOM or GOW so for you to make a comment like that is completely unfounded.

"Your talking about ppl not understanding gaming yet you fail to realize there is concrete evidence of games going from beta to final with same bugs and issues smh. That fanboy juice is strong. "
Huh? So a couple examples of games not changing much from Beta to final release automatically equates to every game suffering the same fate? If that's not a blanket statement I don't know what is. Have the previous GOW's shown a similar pattern? If you can show me proof maybe I'll take you seriously until then, let's wait and see.

MCTJim1111d ago

hahahahahahahahahahahaha, one just has to look at who submitted it and you will understand.

700p1111d ago

Yeah this doesn't make much sense. The many people I played with enjoyed the beta. The only prob I had was the op gnasher but overall it played great.

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Xavy1112d ago

This game looks so outdated, nothing is new about it.

ShadowKnight1111d ago

That's what the fans wants. They want it to be like Gears 1.

Xavy1111d ago

Why not go play Gears 1 then?

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Bobafret1111d ago

Kind of like your silly comment.

FattyBoy3D1111d ago

Tell me? What is so 'new' and ground breaking about uncharted 4? But people r dickriding that game for all its worth. How about we judge the game when its released or at the very least reviewed just prior to release in October instead of Alpha footage

FalloutWanderer20771111d ago

GOW 4 isn't launching until Oct.'16 ? They have tons of time to make improvements then! Unless it comes to PC I will not even be able to play it but I love the series. I'll never forget firing up Gears 1 on a SD T.V. in my room in the attic at my old house years ago and being completely blown away. Yeah, even on a SD T.V. it was one of the best looking games I had ever seen on console and it had a dark and creepy atmosphere that I loved. Gamers these days are either too young to know any better or they have to hate on something. Everyone is a critic :\

FalloutWanderer20771111d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

I think you're missing the point. Some fans want 4 to go back to GOW 1 atmosphere (Speaking for myself here), I enjoyed both GOW 2 and GOW 3 but I felt they lost something that GOW 1 had. IMHO, The horror elements and overall creepiness of Sera was captured perfectly in gears 1, not so much in the sequels. I immediately got that feeling of GOW 1 after watching the GOW 4 trailer. To each their own.

Outdated? How exactly is it outdated other than the fact it's another Gears game, which will have cover-based TPS action. There are only so many things that can be done within each genre, only a rare gem once in a while comes along and reinvigorates a genre, that can be considered actually original or groundbreaking, so with your logic 90% of games are outdated when you really get right down to it.
It's tough enough for brand new IP's to offer something fresh let alone a sequel or game within a preexisting series.

kraenk121111d ago

But that's one of the points..the Beta didn't even have that atmosphere of the old games. It lacked character style wise.

1111d ago
FalloutWanderer20771109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

@ChubbyChuy - If you were responding to my comment - I never said scary. I said that GOW had a creepy atmosphere and a more horror-esque vibe compared to GOW 2, 3 and Judgement. Horror elements and a creepy atmosphere do not equal scary necessarily. GOW is no Outlast or Dead Space, two examples of games that I would consider scary. * Amnesia would probably be a better example of a scary game.

FalloutWanderer20771109d ago

kraenk12 - Let's wait for more footage of the single-player before making any definitive judgments, MP IMHO is not the mode where this will be most apparent, it's the SP that will show what kind of atmosphere the game will have. The initial game reveal looked to have that style and atmosphere that I like from GOW 1.

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Gearsofwar_xbox1111d ago

What you wanted gears be like COD wall running or have jet pack ?

Imalwaysright1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

The only current gen AAA game that I played that had something new was Shadow of Mordor with its nemesis system. If i went with your logic every other AAA game that I played this gen is outdated.

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BossBattle1111d ago

Sad fans? Lol stupid article

GearSkiN1111d ago

its called beta were here to see those things

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