Overwatch Tips: How to Counter Tracer

How to overcome Tracer's speed and power in Overwatch.

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Ozmoses1523d ago

Yeah tracer is quick as hell. I really hate RoadHog. Some of those people playing as him just spam that chain.

I like Soldier 76 a lot and Zenyatta I believe it is the dude with the orbs.

Elit3Nick1523d ago

I main Zenyatta, along with Roadhog, Hanzo and Zarya. I could see the cooldown on Roadhog's chain increased, but I feel he's pretty good right now. He's an easy target in medium-long range, where he can't really do anything, and McCree is a good counter at close range with alt firing, rolling, and alt firing again.

Zenyatta is a support healer, he can deal lots of damage (on par with offensive characters), while focus healing an important team-mate. I feel he's too squishy right now, he's got the lowest health in the game, while being as slow as a tank, making it easy for Widowmaker and Hanzo to one-shot him. He used to be much less exposed when his orb abilities were permanent, but now he needs to keep line of sight with his orb's targets.