Fallout 3's Hines shrugs off post-E3 preview negativity

VG247: Bethesda communications boss Peter Hines has shrugged off post-E3 criticism of Fallout 3, saying he's not willing to judge negative previews based on 30 minutes play at the event.

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Tacki3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Y'see now this is how Dennis Dyack should have handled the Too Human criticism.

“You play the game and you see what you think. At E3 we let people play the game for a half hour, and if in a half hour you can make up your mind one way or the other, OK. I don’t really get into judging the rightness or wrongness of it. I just give people a chance to play it and they draw their own conclusions.”

Letting the game speak for itself. This is it how should be done. Also, Eurogamer's hands-on preview which they link to seems to be confirming some of my fears for this game. I hadn't read it before but several problems they had with the demo is what I was worried about after watching all the footage from E3. Not counting this one out yet as it's received many Best of E3 awards... but it's a bit of a worry. Especially since I'm not a fan of Oblivion at all. Many complaints they had were the same with Oblivion. Hmm... we shall see. I hope for the best though.

Leathersoup3704d ago

Yes. Mr. Dyack's biggest mistakes was taking everything he read on the internet seriously. It might not have become such a fad to bash the game.

wangdiddy823704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

the game looks out dated and from the vids i have seen looks pretty boring.. I feel this game will be over rated because of the developers..

I honestly think oblivion was a little over rated too.. I bought the game and liked it at first than i realized I have a freaking life!!! the game was way too slow for me and the action/combat wasnt all that satisfying to keep me playing.. That game had some really dumb parts to it too.. I guess if you have no life that would be a perfect game for you..

WengYong3704d ago

But thats just my opinion. I didnt like it so Fallout 3 didnt really hit my radar till e3. It looks okay, the idea of turn based shooting is just plain crap. I remember he said "Its for people who cant quite keep up with the action of FPS." lol. Fallout looks okay, but I aint convinced. Had a friend try to get me toplay Oblivion. He was telling me some of the quests and I thought to myself "You are seriously need to get laid dude" Games like that rob people of potential pimpage in there lives

Idonthatejustcreate3704d ago

That this game is too small because of the dvd9 capacity. 10 hours of story is not enough for a game like fallout. You need atleast 20 hours of story gameplay and atleast like 500 hours of side quests and exploring set alone.

SixTwoTwo3704d ago

Don't worry. If its anything like Oblivion we will get the same dungeon 100 times, 5 different enemy types to kill, a load of fetch quests, and all the NPC's will be related to each other and share the same 4 voices.


kinggeoff3704d ago

lazy devs are. There are a lot of ways to prolong the gameplay experience without resorting to duplicating dungeons and redundant errands that have you running to the ends of the map and back

--Onilink--3704d ago

they already said it would be 100+ hours long

TOO PAWNED3704d ago

I was sceptic about this game since day 1, and still am. I really want it to be good, awesome, but i am afraid that it is going to turn into boring sandbox fps game.
I am more excited about Far Cry 2 than i am about Fallout. Both are sandbox games in FPS.

SixTwoTwo3704d ago

Skippin Fallout. Getting Far Cry. Sounds good.

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