Report: NVIDIA GTX1080 Is Up To 50% Faster Than The GTX980Ti

NVIDIA has just announced its new graphics card that will be based on the Pascal architecture, the NVIDIA GTX1080. However, NVIDIA did not reveal how much faster this GPU is from its current high-end GPU, the GTX980Ti. Thankfully, NVIDIA has released some official benchmarks between the GTX980 and the GTX1080, so it's time to see the performance benefits that PC gamers can expect from this brand new GPU.

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ShadowKnight1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

This GPU is going to be a beast. Looking forward to see how it performs in 4K. Async Compute and DX12 is also something that worries me though. Nvidia didn't say anything about that yet. Some gamers probably don't care for that feature but it's important to me.

Femto1112d ago

ummmm dx12 support has been out on nvidia cards for awhile now, and the new card obviously supports it

FPSFox1112d ago

He's talking about the fact that Nvidia cards have lagged behind AMD in DX12 benches and games. Nvidia cards have better / stronger performing single cores, but when DX12 allowed for workloads to be spread across cores evenly, weaker AMD cards were actually beating out higher Nvidia cards. Hopefully they'll have it sorted come release. I know I'm buying the 1080 launch day =)

Unspoken1111d ago

Except that isn't true. Hitman shows little gain with async compute and Tomb Raider favors nvidia cards under DX12. Benchmarks? LOL have fun with those.

Unspoken1111d ago

Not only that, but Pascal is going to blow PSVR out of the water with its new VR technologies.

Unfortunately can't submit this article for approval because it paints Playstation accurately as a poor mans machine instead of making it the best. Website is too biased to get any real information across.

R6ex1112d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

WCCFtech: Nvidia - The Geforce GTX 1080 Graphics Card Can Do Asynchronous Compute

Read more:

From Nvidia:

From Videocardz:

ShadowKnight1112d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

After reading this I'm still skeptical about the GTX1080.

Unspoken1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

True, it beats every other card out so it may not have a feature that could possibly be used to make games faster but also introduces it's own set of latency issues and complexity to the rendering path.

What was the skepticism about again?

Meltic1112d ago

So My 980 ti wont handle games with ultra settings next year ?

Omeganex99991112d ago

It depends on the games, and on what resolution/framerate you aim at. You're gonna be fine with a 980ti for a while, unless you are expecting to play 4K/60fps

Lon3wolf1112d ago

Yes it will but the 1080 will render them quicker.

Salooh1112d ago

I had to buy 980ti recently. We will be fine. Well, at least better than most pc gamers xP ...

If you got a great deal sell it and get the 1080. Otherwise you will have to sacrifice money or take responsibility for your mistake if you are not satisfied.

Even after 1080 you will see better graphic cards and games will move on with it. That's how pc works. So making the best decision is all about timing which only comes from studying. Only upgrade when what you buy deserve the money ( Usually that happens after a long time which means only after you need it and have to move on )

R6ex1112d ago

DX12 titles will be a problem.

For me, I upgrade whenever the graphics card fails to play the latest games at 1080p40fps max. settings. Thus, I'm now transitioning from 970 to 1080.

OOBY1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

your 980 ti can't handle some games at 1080p with max/ultra settings already. (GTA V)

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Perjoss1112d ago

I have a couple of standard GTX 980 cards and they do great in 4K. The 1080 is supposed to be faster than 2 980 cards so it should be absolutely fine.

specialguest1111d ago

I'm sooooooo glad I haven't upgraded my gtx 770 when I was tempted to many times. First it was the 780ti, then the 980, and 980ti, but I held out. Now I'm ready!

Unspoken1111d ago

You should wait one more cycle. More cards are coming out that will have newer tech and be faster.

tee_bag2421111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Pascal is basically Maxwell with a node shrink. Very little IPC improvements. Unfortunately it's still lacking a little in the A-Sync department too. Pascal was already on it's way for them to re-engineer it. Tesla should have A-Sync that competes with AMD.

I hear you though. I'm a 980ti owner and pretty disappointed with the 1080 so far. It's only really about 35% faster at absolute best. I wish it was 50% like this article says. It's still not the real flagship card. It's the mid end card being sold as a high end for now. I'll be waiting for the big die 1080 or any AMD if they can smash Nvidia.

Unspoken1111d ago

Wait for the 1080 Ti. That is your upgrade. 1080 has 2560 cuda cores. Full Pascal has 3840 cores.

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crazychris41241112d ago

What a crazy jump in performance and it's not even HBM. GPUs in 2018 are going to be amazing, can't wait to upgrade when my warranty ends

ShadowKnight1112d ago

It might have a limited lifetime warranty depending on the brand and company you buy it from.

FasterThanFTL11112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

You might be able to resist the GTX 1080 and Polaris this year but next year the GTX 1080 Ti and Vega will be hard to resist.

TFJWM1112d ago

And if you wait long enough you can even go for the 2160....

Mega241111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

@ TFJWM At least we won't be playing subpar 900p @ 45~60 unstable fps.

dcbronco1111d ago

The difference is the next cards will include new architectures and HBM 2. And it will only be six months after these. Might be worth waiting since they will be as big a jump over these at additional power efficiency.

TFJWM1111d ago

@Mega24 My PC plays games at a lot better resolution and fps than that...

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Movefasta19931112d ago

GPUs in 2019 are going to be even better though.

Salooh1112d ago

Trust me , 2020 will be better .

Volkama1112d ago

2013 is clearly best.

Console gamer.

FasterThanFTL11112d ago

I just sold my Gigabyte GeForce GTX 980 Ti G1 Gaming for $597.23. Lets just say Uncharted 4 could not have released at a better time than this and hopefully the GTX 1080 will indeed be 50% faster than the GTX 980 Ti otherwise I sold a perfectly good card for no reason at all.

Eyesoftheraven1112d ago

I have the exact same GPU and it's been great but I'll probably sell mine, too if I can sell it for $450 - $550.

Plagasx1112d ago

Damn, where did you sell it for that high?

Dario_DC1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

Who ever bought your card at that price is a moron! With the new 1080 and 1070 coming out there's no way I would pay more than 200$ for a 980ti
Edit: You got an amazing deal! Great sale, I wish I had that luck in the past

starchild1111d ago

Only $200? That's crazy. The GTX 1080 is not anywhere near 3x more powerful than the GTX 980 Ti, so why would you only spend a third of the price for the GTX 980 Ti?

Dario_DC1111d ago

I meant buying used, it's old hardware and it's outdated.
Btw the 1070 is coming for 360$ and is way better than a 980ti, so I don't see any reason to pay the same or more for a old card, still good but the new ones are better and cheaper, anyone paying over 200$ for a 980ti is idiotic with the new cards coming out.

badz1491111d ago


That's just ridiculous! Outdated? Are you out of your freakin mind? Even with the 1080 out, I doubt the 980Ti will drop in price much. Right now, used, you're realistically looking at a figure around $500 at the lowest!

Dario_DC1111d ago

Yes it is OUTDATED, I don't care what you say, it's outdated. The new cards are better, with NEW technology and cheaper. I don't care how much any of you paid for a 980ti new, that's the problem with evolving hardware. Is it a good card still? Yeah but not over 200$ used!
If you buy an old card for 500$ when you can get a new and better one for 370$ you're just dumb. Why would anyone pay more for less?!

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DarkZane1112d ago

Apparently, the GTX 1070 is on par with the 980 ti, if not better as well.

steve30x1112d ago

Its supposedly on par with the TitanX actually.

tee_bag2421111d ago

Only in VR solutions. The Nvidia marketing machine got me there too. I was guttered to discover this.

Pullmywaffle1112d ago

Sounds great, something to look forward to in the next few years. I just picked up a 980TI to go with my 144hz 1080 monitor and i'm happy with it. Can't push new games at ultra at 144 but can achieve 120. Been using DSR on other games to get 2K and that works great as well.

tee_bag2421111d ago

I got the same setup as you. Getting beyone 120fps is a challenge. At this point you often start benefiting from a highly clocked CPU. Check to see if your GPU is anything less that 98% usage during your game (with vsync off). If so it's sitting on it's arse waiting for your CPU.

starchild1111d ago

Good point. With high refresh rate monitors it's important to have a good processor if you have a high end graphics card and want to achieve high framerates.

Even with my GTX 970 I often see my framerates being bottlenecked by my i7 3770k on my 144hz gsync monitor. I think I'm going to be CPU bound most of the time when I get a GTX 1070 or GTX 1080, unless I use huge amounts of downsampling (DSR) in order to stay GPU-bound.

And it's really important not to run up against your processor's limitations because that is when you'll get the worst stuttering. It's better to always stay GPU-bound.