Capcom dominates Top 5 PSP games in Japan

According to a recent list posted by Famitsu magazine (translated by Kotaku), Capcom has claimed three of the top five PSP games in Japan.

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spoon3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Japan is the land of RPG's were Square Enix is king, Square-Enix hav lost ther touch ?????

kevnb3702d ago

what is it that the japanese like so much about these games I wonder?

centrum2k3702d ago

just like they dont understand us why we like fps so much.

UltimateIdiot9113702d ago

The Monster Hunter series is pretty good. It encourage co-op and teamwork to take down those huge monster. It seems like Japanese likes big monsters and taking them down apparently.

Roukuko3702d ago

nah they just took alot of money to make some games on xbox but it wont matter se dropping alot of psp games soon to counter capcom.

but honestly i wish either company would make a game worth buying on ps3 anytime soon.