Three New Virtua Fighter 5 Videos

Three brand new videos from Sega's upcoming PS3 / Xbox 360 brawler Virtua Fighter 5.

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T-Virus5248d ago

Ryu is the only true ninja around here.
PS: This game needs online upport, stat!

DixieNormS5248d ago

I think DOA looks better. But yeah, I guess they are still working on it.

Gears5248d ago

They can keep this game DOA4 is the best ever!!! Who needs that when 360 owners get old school street fighter, mortal combat, and dead or alive.

GamerX25248d ago

each fighter has own fighting style and there own countering style..DOA has a universal countering that make it easer to learn multiple fighter Cause they all share the same move.. I like DOA but Virtua Fighter is the Sh1t!!

FirstknighT5248d ago

DOA is a good fighter, but it takes skill to be good at Virtua Fighter! Easily the best balances 3d fighter on the market!

1.Virtual Fighter
2.Soul Calibur
4.Mortal Kombat

Virtual Fighter is the ultimate fighter. And the only reason why I was going to get a ps3! I love VF! The news of VF going to the 360 is a HUGE plus for xbox owners! Now I'm hoping they use the xbox live service and it's on!!!!!!!!!!!!!