Evolution of Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy VIII

DF: "The eighth installment in the Evolution of Final Fantasy series. In this segment, we discuss the second PlayStation entry about a lone wolf and love."

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MeteorPanda1106d ago

And plotholes. Don't forget the plotholes.

-Foxtrot1106d ago

Every FF game had plot holes, even FF7

Can't just nit pick FF8 for it. Just another silly excuse like the contradicting statements on the complicated but then "easy to exploit" junction system and the draw system you HAVE to use in battle since it's the ONLY way to get magic despite a shit load of other ways to get Magic without draw.

MeteorPanda1105d ago

no no, l don't mind a few non story breaking plotholes, they cant cover everything and most can be rationalized into the games world. FF8 had blaring plotholes that stopped the flow of the story and you keep going hoping for some sort of reveal as to why it exists...but no. you get nothing.

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Godmars2901105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

Not so much plotholes as plotchasms. Nothing even close to the "f*#k continuity/narrative" level of FF13, but still.

Bahamut1106d ago

The real problem with Final Fantasy VIII is that it's not on the ps4 with trophies already...

DevilOgreFish1105d ago

Don't care what other had thought about it negatively, i had very fond memories of this game. played it again about over a year ago, had a blast with it.

TC7311105d ago

My main issue with the game was how barren the world actually was. Compared to FF7, it was really lacking. The bottom continent only had Edea's house and Odin's place on it.

Pozzle1105d ago

Yeah, I wish the world was a bit more populated. Some of the best parts of the game was finding the secret areas like the Deep Sea Research Center or the Shumi Village. There should have been more of that, tbh.

It also would have been awesome if most of the world map hadn't been cut off in the final disc. If anything, the Time Compression should have opened up MORE areas on the world map (e.g. ancient towns that existed in the past, or futuristic towns from the future). I know the limited map was likely a result of disc space reasons, but it was still disappointing how much the story built up the Time Compression...only for it to end up being nothing more than a rather anti-climactic final dungeon level.