Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered's Infinite Warfare Exclusivity Is a Disaster

Video game corporations are prone to making asinine decisions across the board. Ubisoft is no stranger to misrepresenting titles like Assassin's Creed Unity, Watch Dogs, and I Am Alive, which respectively ended up with an unforgivable amount of glitches, vastly downgraded visuals, and lacking creativity everywhere. Likewise, EA has committed similar sins with Battlefield 4 and Sim City, but has also perpetuated harmful practices like its infamous Online Passes and intrusive microtransactions. The list could go on with Microsoft's big flub involving its early Xbox One plans, or Gearbox's disgustingly dishonest marketing for Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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slate911110d ago

That title is a mouthful lol

kaizokuspy1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

I couldn't say it 1 times fast :(

Elimin81109d ago

If you do say it fast, Exclusivity is what gets you. Lol.

Relientk771110d ago

It's really hard to say it fast lol

Deano19881110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Title could have simply read cod 4 remastered is a disaster. Instead we get a short paragraph of a title which leaves you tongue tied and feeling like you have dipped your tongue in something very unpleasant.

Paytaa1109d ago

The new perk, Warfare x3.

cyberwaffles1109d ago

Its like that sales guy from Family Guy who keeps saying "wacky-inflatable-person- " thingy.

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Keyblade1110d ago

Think of all the 12 year olds who will spend $80 on this ripoff. What a tragedy.

Relientk771110d ago

12 year olds don't even know what Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 1 is

2pacalypsenow1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

12 year olds don't even know what Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is


Paytaa1109d ago

So weird to think that a 12 year old was only 3 when CoD 4 came out. Not their fault, but they missed out on CoD in it's glory days.

NarooN1109d ago

Years ago when playing one of the CoD games, I ran into a kid who legitimately tried to tell me that CoD4 was the first game in the series.

_-EDMIX-_1109d ago

How is it a rip-off exactly? A rip-off would suggest you're not getting what is being advertised in reality those that are paying the $80 are getting exactly what they're asking for.

Sounds like rip off is just a term that butt hurt consumer say when they can't afford something they want. Sooooo we filing this in first world problems or?

The only tragedy here is your financial situation and your attitude about it if you want the game you know when it's coming out, really save up the money and purchase it or just wait until they offer it separately as I'm pretty positive they're probably going to right after.

Avalanche1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

i dont understand why people are complaining. its one of the best shooters of all time. lets say you hate the new COD direction and you dont want to buy it. so essentially you are paying $80 for COD4 right?

i have stated numerous times that if SONY came out and said we are making Socom2 in HD, i would pay upwards to $1000 for it. so this whole $80 for COD4 isnt a ripoff. they are literally giving you exactly what you want, all you have to do is pay $20 extra for it, which is something that i would do in a heartbeat if it meant me playing a game that makes me happy.

not only that, this will most likely be a voucher of some sort....redeem the voucher and trade in Infinite Warfare at Gamestop for $33 or sell it on Amazon for $50. you can make some money back for sure.

Stop complaining, you are getting the best 1st person shooter of all time.

PS- im assuming this game will be EXACTLY like the original COD4 but with Better graphics. no gameplay changes or additions.....if they change something that doesnt make it feel like the original....then you should complain

bradleejones1110d ago

Not sure if I am remembering correctly, but I had heard it is not the complete game. Limited # of maps, etc.

Chaos_Order1109d ago

That's correct, only 10 maps compared to 16 from the original.

Paytaa1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

Yeah hate to say it, but the last 6 maps will probably be in some dumb "Classic Map Pack" featuring the cut content. Then the excuse from IW will be "The lack of funds and time constraints for re-doing the graphics for these maps is why they are DLC." I never want to hear a Call of Duty dev or Activision rep ever say there are a "lack of funds".

Unless they're free, but do I need to even detail why it wouldn't be?

cyberwaffles1109d ago

yeah those "extra maps" that were left out will more than likely be DLC. this is activision after all.

conanlifts1109d ago

Pretty sure they will be willing to sell the other 6 maps to anyone that wants it. Maybe a season pass with 2 maps per release for a bargain price no doubt.

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Lionalliance1109d ago

And that comment is just what's wrong with the gaming industry nowadays.

_-EDMIX-_1109d ago

I know right bro people having free choice and will, disgusting. /s

Chaos_Order1109d ago

It's people like you that allow game companies to get away with screwing the consumer.

And no, I don't think $80 for a stripped down version of a nine year old game we've all already played is worth it, especially not when they could easily sell it separately for $20.

_-EDMIX-_1109d ago

Allow? You mean the majority of consumers voted with their wallets and determine the value of the product was just? I'm sorry but it just sounds like you're upset that you're not the majority.

Why don't you actually acquire more funds to purchase the product as opposed to getting angry at the people who have the funds?

Mind you they could easily sell it for $20 but then again it is their product they own the rights to the game not you and they are going to determine how they're going to distribute their game mind you the value of the game is not merely $20 as I'm pretty positive Call of Duty 4 remaster has a high enough value to Consumers that they would probably pay more money than 20 bucks as 20 bucks is actually a really really good deal for the remaster of a game that moved over 25 + million units last generation.

Pretty positive GTA 5 didn't release at twenty bucks on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Activision's likely going to sell it separately afterwards anyway so I'm pretty positive if you wait you could get it for a discounted price separately.

spicelicka1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

Jesus that's got to be the stupidest comment I've ever read.

Hey I'm willing to pay $50,000 for COD4 guys, it's totally the right price because that's what I'm willing to pay for it, so everyone else should stop complaining and pay the same.

_-EDMIX-_1109d ago

Not necessarily if it's based on the majority of those fans then that's what's going to be deemed the actual value.

, if I was selling a product and I put it on auction and the majority bid was something around $5000 it actually means that is the value to the product literally to the consumers that are seeking it.

It's not a stupid comment at all it's very very simple capitalism and business. Consider lots of people can't afford a Lexus or Mercedes does that mean the company needs to lower their price of their car? If the majority who want the product will pay to purchase it they will find a nice Middle Ground to make money to the clientele that can afford their product. Which actually means just because lots of people are in tears crying because they can't afford it does not mean they are of value to the company selling the product they still have to meet their financial targets.

Consider would not most of the world all come to an agreement that all games should be a dollar? Does that actually mean the company should be stupid enough to sell a game at that cost? Also consider the majority don't want to pay for anything and would desire everything for free lol.

USMC_POLICE1109d ago

Please don't say socom, it makes me cry how we are forgotten about and our franchise was murdered with socom 4.

cyberwaffles1109d ago

i don't get why socom isn''t getting any good first party treatment. same with syphon filter. they could easily be blockbuster third person shooters if the right devs handled them correctly. zipper is sadly not as good as they used to be.

cyberwaffles1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )


the ignorance is strong with this one

Avalanche1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

$80 is nothing. If $80 makes me happy, i will spend it.

Activision is making customer foot the bill for development. Nothing wrong with that. U want the game so badly....spend $20 more than normal.
Its Activision. If they released this seperately it would have cost $60 anyways.

spicelicka1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

So then freakin spend the $80 lol, no one is stopping you. But why defend the practices? There is everything wrong with that. Next time they will charge $100, then $150, then you water bottles will start costing $10 a bottle instead of $1.5, but hey $10 is nothing right because you need water?

You really have ZERO idea about basic economics, consumerism, corporate greed, and most importantly common sense.

It's never about how much you're willing to spend. Do you really think people can't afford $80? You're so blinded by their bullshit that you've accepted their absurd policies, that's just sad.

What boggles my mind is that you're attacking your fellow gamers who are speaking in your benefit. At the end of the day if our backlash causes them to separate the two, or let's say they decrease the price to $60 for both games, that would be a $20 saving if you're already willing to spend $80. Whether it's a small amount or not doesn't matter, YOU are still getting the benefit from it. Why the hell are you preventing that from happening is just beyond ridiculous.

_-EDMIX-_1109d ago

@spice- defend what? Buddy take your emotions and morals out of business if somebody wants something they're going to purchase it.

The fact that you're even talking about the concept of "wrong" when it comes to business doesn't even make any sense. people don't purchase things because of the majority, they purchase things for themselves when I buy something I'm buying it for me I work for my money and I'm choosing to purchase something I could care less what you feel, I could care less what you can or can't afford that's irrelevant to me.

Mind you it's you who have zero idea about economics if you're even trying to rationalize the concept of right or wrong to a very absolute black and white business decision.

He has money , he wants a product ....thats it. It is within his right to purchase it if he wants it, literally that's it , nothing more. As to why you're trying to splinter it and turn it into something where he needs to have some feelings attached to it is beyond me.

If you've ever taken a business course you'll know that the concept of empathy and business do not mix and cannot mix for very logical reasons.

When people give money in exchange for feeling good and for the cause of helping others it is called a charity.

When people give money in exchange for a product or a service it is simple business. A business exists not to make you feel good sometimes it could be for such purposes but ultimately their goal is to make money from you I don't care what stupid Home Depot commercial you saw or what dumb Walmart ad you might have seen about them always loving to help people but I'm pretty positive those people would not be doing that absolutely for free and nothing in exchange.

Yet they're working out of Corporation and not in a missionary in Africa. yet they're working for a company that hands them a paycheck and not on the street corners feeding the poor, spare me buddy.

Corporations and businesses do not exist to make you feel good they exist to make money from you, if they really existed with the sole purpose of making you feel good they would not even be defined as a business it would be defined as a charity because they wouldn't be taking money in exchange from you.

I think maybe you need to get with the reality that a company that owns a product has all their rights to charge whatever the hell they want for their products.

dreadz741109d ago

you are everything wrong with gaming as those thoughts is what keeps us getting trash games. You simply settle and you would pay 1000 for Socom HD? SMH

Gwiz1109d ago

Yeah great idea,let them know you're willing to pay $1000 for a game.
That's known for its online component,so you not even have anything for that extravagant amount of money

It's about options,something a lot of gamers these days seem to think is negligible.
They're giving you what you want but only one option lol.

trenso11109d ago

If COD4 can be played with out the disc of infinite warfare, I'll buy the game download COD4 and sell infinite warfare back to gamestop or on ebay.

_-EDMIX-_1109d ago

Kind of agree with your point as you don't actually need to keep the other game.

If it indeed is a voucher for Call of Duty 4 you could actually always just sell the new game to anybody else.

I remember purchasing the FES edition of Persona 3 for someone simply because I wanted to CD and the GameStop in our location only had that one copy of Persona 3 so they just paid me the difference and I got the CD for like 10 bucks lol.

I actually think a large number of people are making a big deal for no reason.

If you don't want to pay $80 don't pay $80 find someone who's buying the new game and doesn't care for the remaster if you don't want to pay for it simply don't. no one's forcing anyone to do anything if anything if they want it bad enough just wait I'm pretty positive we could get the vouchers on eBay for less once the game releases I'm actually doubtful Activision isn't releasing the game separately at another date.

There seems to be a large number of people on this site that seem to have this first world problem about other people buying things that they can't afford and showing their distaste for not having a lot of money I'm sorry but I find it very difficult to understand why people are upset at something they can't personally afford.

it's very simple don't purchase it if you can't or get a better job I'm not sure what to tell any of you guys to be honest.

spicelicka1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

"Kind of agree with your point as you don't actually need to keep the other game."

Then why the hell is it necessary to bundle the two? You just completely proved that it's not necessary.

You've been going on a rampage replying to everyone and defending this shitty practice. If you want to pay $80 then pay it. No one is forcing you to pay less, hell pay $80 and send $100 cheque directly to activision for all i care. Point is you have no business being here. What's worse is that you're calling out people for not being able to afford the game, which you have to be out of your mind to assume. Wow you can afford an $80 game you must be so rich, everyone else's net worth must be under $80. In fact, YOU seem to have a problem with people criticizing horrible pricing models, which they have every freakin right to do.

It's pretty simple, don't tell anyone anything because you have nothing useful to say, to be honest. If you want to pay $80, $100, $500, or $1000 for it that's great, purchase the game. Keep your comments relevant to the game and stop criticizing people for criticizing.

_-EDMIX-_1109d ago

@Spice- "then why the hell is it necessary to bundle the two? You just completely proved that it's not necessary"

Did I? What I'm saying is it isn't "necessary" for ME! I don't want to play the new COD, thus would just sell it.

I can't speak on behave of the company as I don't own the IP. What is "necessary" is what the publisher or the owner of the IP decide, not me.

What I feel is personally "necessary" is based on me not wanting to play the game. The fact is, it is releasing WITH Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare, thus it is "necessary" to buy Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare to actually play Call Of Duty 4 remaster currently.

Not really "necessary" to keep though lol =)

I don't get you're logic either bud. I don't get what crying will do. its not you're IP, company etc and you also have the choice to just not buy it or wait.

No on is forcing you to do anything you don't like.

"YOU seem to have a problem with people criticizing horrible pricing models, which they have every freakin right to do" Nope. They do have the "freakin" right to, just like a business has the right to not care. ie first world problems.

Call me when you start making the picket signs that say all games must be 1 dollar lol I have the "freakin" right don't you?

"stop criticizing people for criticizing" well if you stop "stop criticizing people for criticizing" first lol

I respect you're right to complain about such a price, respect my right to tell you it is of the right of the business to price THEIR product anyway they feel like it.

Chaos_Order1109d ago

(Count this as a reply to your reply to me, which... I can't reply to. Damn this site... -__- )

The issue isn't anything to do with whether I can afford it. I buy around 30-40 games a year so the cost of an extra one wouldn't make much difference. The difference is whether I think something is WORTH it, and whether I agree with the practices surrounding it. And I personally do not think it is worth it. If they were selling CoD4 separate for say, $40, I don't think people would be so annoyed, but since many people have no interest in Infinite Warfare it seems kind of ridiculous to tie it to a game that other people ARE interested in. They could very, very easily sell them separately.

Not that it makes a difference to me personally as I have no interest in CoD, but on principle, I can see why people are up in arms. I don't agree that we should just let companies do what they want and either buy their stuff or keep our mouths firmly shut. Making a noise on the internet has the power to change things, to make multi-million dollar companies stand up and take notice, as was demonstrated by the Xbox One DRM backpedal. If people complain enough, they may reconsider and offer the game separately. They have the right to choose their price, but we should all have the right to complain.

If you think $80 is worth it, that's fine. It's your money, you can spend it as you see fit. But many others do not, and asking them to get a better job isn't coming to change that.

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Kyoshi1110d ago

If nothing else has show people that Activision doesn't care about their own customers at all, then this should be it.

_-EDMIX-_1109d ago

Why should they? There not a hospital or your mother there a company which is sole purpose is to make money from you. I don't know of any damn company in gaming that cares about their consumers on some emotional level at the end of the day they very much understand that if you want something they make you have to pay them money. consider if they cared about anyone in the first place they wouldn't be charging you for a game.

I mean do you charge your family members to eat at your house? Do you charge your family members to use your bathroom?

Lol. Maybe it's because you actually care about them. No Corporation or company on some emotional level is going to care about its consumers. Business is a two-way street you have money, they have product and/or service that's really it.

Some of you guys have been watching way too many Walmart commercials thinking that these companies exist just to give people hugs and make you feel better lol. Pretty positive this company is not like Make-A-Wish Foundation. Lol

EazyC1110d ago

I'm not buying it out of principle. I'll get a code for CoD 4: Remastered, but I think they'll find a way of preventing that (maybe you need to load up IW once a week for it to work or some other draconian rule).

_-EDMIX-_1109d ago

You're so brave to protest this, maybe the next thing you should do is go homeless to protest people from owning 40 to 50 million dollar houses.

That'll show em!!! Stupid people with their money using it on whatever they feel like it with their dumb Free will and rights damn I hate it so much. If only there was some other way that Society could distribute the money evenly to everybody else to make it fair some way that Society can control the wealth and make sure everybody gets the exact amount, no more no less /s

EazyC1109d ago

No, because it's shady marketing practice to paywall people like that

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