In Theory: Can AMD Polaris regain the mainstream PC graphics market?


"New leaks offer a clearer picture of prospective R9 470/R9 480 performance in the sub-£200 category."

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ziadmessi1520d ago

if they have a more powerful card than the 1080 and with a nice price i an't see why not

OrangePowerz1520d ago

The 1080 isn't really for the mainstream with it's price, it's for the enthusiast/hardcore gamers :)

The mid range R9 200 series cards offered good performance for the money so I don't see why they shouldn't be able to do similar with the new R9 400 series cards.

dcbronco1520d ago

Because some people, many, choose based on perception and not reality. Plus you have developers gearing code for NVIDIA cards with gameworks. But AMDs saving grace is a headstart on asynchronous compute since they pushed that direction from the start.

FasterThanFTL11520d ago

Be very competitive, Yes.

Dominate, No.

quent1520d ago

In theory anything is possible..., except time travel.

OrangePowerz1520d ago

That's also possible and going forward in time is much easier than back :)

Bladesfist1519d ago

You should read up on the delayed choice quantum eraser.

Maxor1520d ago

They're basically not going to compete with Pascal at all leaving Nvidia to dominate the high and mid range. In short Nvidia will totally rule the core PC gaming hardware and continue to crush AMD with Gameworks. By the time AMD finally wake the hell up Pascal will top every benchmark that matters going into 2017.

Tell me how this is a good plan AMD. Good luck making money on the low end with Dell laptops and consoles.

Bolts1520d ago

Idiotic business decisions like this why AMD is the company it is today, and people wonder why there are so many Gameworks games.

OrangePowerz1520d ago

Because nVidia offers devs better deals and more money?

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