Nights of Azure and other PS4 JRPGs discounted

The recently released Nights of Azure has been discounted to $40.21. Other PS4 JRPGs are also on sale.

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Jag-T10001526d ago

I need these games to be on sale at BestBuy. Since i have that gamers club thing I only buy games from them. Best Buy pretty much got me locked down. Best buy knew what they were doing. Smart, very smart.

Eidolon1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Can't beat it, pre-order bonuses and rewards points, 20% off, + rewards points for purchase that you can spend on more games. 2 years for $30. Although, I've been going digital lately, since me and my bro save more by splitting the digital version.

magiciandude1525d ago

I feel you dude. My first choice for games is Best Buy, but I've increasingly been getting more games at GameStop since Best Buy doesn't carry certain titles of interest. Great store with great benefits, but their games selection can do better.