Legendary demo video

Gamecock shows Legendary on the PS3.

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sak5003704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Looks like another The Darkness/ Dark sector kind of game. And after looking at Far cry2 editor video the graphics of this one looks pathetic.

Edit: You can say more like haze. Too human has much better graphics and gameplay than boring uninspiring generic fps shooting.

Bombibomb3704d ago

Wow. Looks like a FPS version of Too Human.

Topshelfcheese3704d ago

Too Human is horrid and this game is horrid...

Prismo_Fillusion3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

I have to be honest. As a PS3 owner these graphics look very underwhelming. I'm not impressed at all. The Conduit looks almost this good!

Edit at below: What are you talking about? What machine did I blame for the graphics of what game?

Topshelfcheese3704d ago

Stop blaming the machine for the graphics, its the developers fault...This is a multiplatform game anyway.

Halo3Mgs43704d ago

this game looks generic
the sad thing about this game is that is probably going to need a 2gig install or more

snoopgg3703d ago

and to this day still think Halo 3 sucked, but people still play it because its fun. (yeah right)

felidae3704d ago

wow .. the graphics are really really last-gen.

i know - i´m a graphics whore but that´s how it is when you own a PS3 ;-)

snoopgg3703d ago

which was made by these guys also looked like a turd on the 360, so I really don't think its the console. Also the 360 has quite a few turd looking games in its library.

TheROsingleB3703d ago

This game really doesn't look that bad, there are a lot of things going on on the screen which takes up a good ammount of processing power moving those models around since it's in "real time" (your character can still move around) while a lot of action is going on. It does look a little on the generic side, but I have a soft spot for mythology so it's sort of interesting to me, where it may not be for others. I'm not saying it will be a system seller but I think it will be a decent game overall if they polish it so the framerate stays consistant on the consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.