Ubisoft Line up Far Cry 3 back in Africa. Follow up game in "preliminary stages" now

Looks like Ubisoft have found a (somewhat) temporary home for their massive IP - Far Cry.

XboxOZ360 writes: "Well the current title has yet to settle on the shelves, but Ubisoft are hard at it's next iteration of the Far Cry Franchise, and we're back in Africa this time as well.

For me that's a good thing actually. I prefer games based around this style of gameplay rather than some demonic unnatural force. The monsters this time are Human Beings, the worst kind."

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Immortal Kaim3702d ago

Well they could certainly pick worse locations. Im looking forward to FC2

XboxOZ3603702d ago

They almost picked Australia for Far Cry 2, as the upper areas of Queensland offered similar terrain and style. I think Far CRy 2 will surprise many a critic actually, and by the time this one rolls around, they will have it nailed down even more. SO expect something really interesting. It could be around the time the x720 rolls up, who knows.

Hunter863701d ago

Heres hoping that this doesnt mean Far Cry 2's story will not be finished.