Open world racer Speed Elixir first gameplay footage

Developer Electro Phantom Games has released the first gameplay footage for their open world racer Speed Elixir which is due for release in December.

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spaceg0st1109d ago

If I worked at a studio and they were pitching this to me, I'd say

1. what makes your game different/better than the lot of racing games currently available?
2. Track level is pretty meh, with minimal setting variation. Same scenery from start to finish

hay1109d ago

Yeah, looks like Unity game built based on asset store.

Retroman1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

I would say:

1. Ghost games or Criterion studio did not make it. (yippy!!!)
2. no always online, pause is in the game,no night time only racing
3. most importantly NOOOOOOOT as much drifting in each corner.
4. their is Gripping in corners again.

EddieNX 1109d ago

wtf look at the pop in the trees!

EazyC1109d ago

Looks just like the Hot Pursuit reboot, with nicer visuals.

Hnnnng, can't someone make another Burnout and Midnight Club? Or even Race Driver: GRID? Sick of all these other racers.

Muadiib1109d ago

They have got the basics alright, now to add something unique.

TXIDarkAvenger1109d ago

Looks alright. I wish they showed what their simulation mode was like.

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The story is too old to be commented.