Rockstar Under Intense GTA IV Pressure

From gameplayer...

"Was GTA IV the most over-hyped game of all time? Quite possibly, and you would think that with such great expectations would come immense pressure to perform. Debate rages as to whether GTA IV was all it was made out to be, and as such the pressure hasn't been released following the game's release, but actually increased. Indeed, in a sign o' the times, there is more pressure on GTA IV's DLC than there is on the game itself.

In fact, these Xbox 360 exclusive 'episodes' could be the most under-pressure pieces of game software to have ever existed."

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xhi43706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

I mean it was unbelievably over hyped......but so was Halo 3, so was Lair.

But its still a bloody good game, just no where near as revolutionary as its predecessors, just more of the same just in high def, that's what pissed everybody off.

Its not Rockstars fault entirely, it's also the media's fault.

The gaming press hyped this b1tch up sooo much it was unbelievable, does anybody remember the SCRAPS of information with even a sentence on GTA IV people would go crazy, hell I went crazy, the way they described the game made it sound like it would solve world poverty and be the only game you'd need or even want for years.

But that was such a load of sh1t, but nevertheless, its one damn good game, just more of the same, and more of the same was not what we wanted or remotely expected, we expected heaven on a disc.....oops.

**im gonna be cheap and ask for a bubble, Its been a year and I haven't been able to get past 8 bubbles =( lol**

JD_Shadow3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

I don't disagree with you in the notion that it was overhyped. I only will disagree with you on two points:

1. I think it was partly Rockstar's fault for not putting in more things that gave GTA it's own flare for all those years. In short, they took out too much of what brought the GTA franchise to the dance. Give any reason you find appropriate as to why that happened (to which there will be, or already are, many), but that is the bottom line of it all.
2. I don't think too many people think that GTA4 was a horrible game. You'll never please EVERYONE with anything.

I do think that 360 fanboys are in a hurry to defend the game because they get two exclusive pieces of episodic content, when even 360 owners (and even some 360 fanboys, if that is a sign of the Twilight Zone) are not finding the game as exciting as they think it should've been. And from what Rockstar DID say about the DLC episodes, something tells me THIS will be overhyped by everyone, as well (it already IS by many).

Like I said, it's time for the overhyping people and the speculators and the "PS3 owners will never see this or anything like this" people to be quiet (for once) and just let Rockstar and ONLY Rockstar tell us what is in this DLC. They've said countless times what it would possibly contain, who will get it, what else they could be making, and that both systems will be getting major DLC for the game. Yet people ignore that because they cannot get off their soapboxes or shut up for five minutes to just listen to what they are saying, because they are the ones making the game and should know what they are putting into this thing.

Seriously, when Barrera said what he said in that Playstation mag, EVERYONE was reaching for ways to discredit the mag's cred because he said it was likely the PS3 version would have DLC (or EC, whatever term you want to use for the type of thing MS is getting), and all they could come up with is that the mag didn't use any direct quotes from him to come up with that conclusion (which is the lamest excuse to discredit something that I've ever heard of), especially when they never discredited anything that was said by him in that way any other time. Rockstar told us that Niko would talk to a random person and those would start some mission once the episodes came into effect, yet we have people STILL speculating that a new city or island will be unlocked once the EC is installed (remember that in San Andreas, you had a mission that took you to Liberty City, but it was for one mission, and you weren't even allowed to legitimately explore LC in that one). We have all these articles saying "oh, what could it be, how big will it be" when we should already HAVE the idea. How hard is this to comprehend? I've personally have never seen so much reaching, so much speculating, so much arguing about ANY aspect of a game or its contents in my LIFE than I have about GTA4 and this DLC sh!t. Seriously, I'm hoping this DLC comes out ASAP so people will finally shut up about it and stop making false claims about anything DLC related.

As for your bubbles, I'll give you one. So...PLEASE give ME one!

bohemian 233706d ago

I don't see why people are so upset about GTAIV or Halo 3. You know what your getting with each franchise and in my opinion they both delivered. Most people that complain about Halo don't use Forge, screenshots, or replay and to me those are huge parts of the fun. The community aspects of Halo through are amazing. The stat tracking and ease of getting user created content is also a bonus. The problem is half the people complain about these games being the same as the old ones but if they changed too many things people will complain it's not the same game. I won't argue that they were overhyped but that was fans just as much as the media and it's only going to get worse in the future. You just have to cut through the bs and judge for yourself. Have a wonderful weekend. See you in Halo 3

Masta_fro3706d ago

seriously though, they're definitely not "the most under-pressure pieces of game software to have ever existed."

Common guys, be reasonable now...most gamers have moved on, and those who still play have just recently bought the game or they really liked it.

Besides, the dl content is xbox 360 exclusive...

I can see games like God of war 3, Gears of war 2, Killzone 2, (yeah definetly KZ2) Final Fantasy 13 ect...being under way more pressure than this download content.

Games which are just massively expected to perform...

chaosatom3706d ago

because GTAIV was two steps back from SAN ANDREAS.

Less Weapons.
Too convoluted story plots.
little varied clothing option.
little varied missions.
no jetback
not being able to buy houses.
little side missions that have no meaning.
the Phone was really annoying.
Didn't get to use a lot of cover.

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Vistrix3706d ago

Is it possible to ban the source gameplayer from N4G?

Im sick of seeing poorly written articles.

xhi43706d ago

i like a lot of their articles (most not all)

they pose very interesting questions with valid points and outline very compelling arguments that really make me think long and hard

some of their articles are rubbish, but only a few, like all other sites.

But gameplayer writes a lot of essay type articles that really delve deep into matters concerning the gaming community that I think are interesting and stimulates healthy argument.

Redlight3706d ago

I think Gameplayer is prone to flame-bait articles written in a provocative style. They try to disguise their stories as considered opinion pieces, but there's rarely any real insight, just unfounded assertions.

SlappingOysters3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

a lot of N4g people read the headline (which, as is the nature of a headline, is designed to gain your interest) and never read the article and just take it the wrong way.

I also think that gameplayer articles assume you are intelligent and expect you to be able to approach it without an automatic assumption that they are bias - which of course rules out a fair chunck of n4g.

All I see is two people calling a site lame, but showing no opinion at all as to why you think the GTA IV DLC isn't under pressure... which I assume is what you two must beleive

edit: this was a general post, didn't mean to reply specifically to you.

kevnb3706d ago

I found it much better than the last few GTA games...

Defectiv3_Detectiv33706d ago

Initially this game was delayed because of the difficulty devevloping for the PS3. Ultimately though, it was the 360 that caused this game to be delayed so much because they have to develope a way to compress the data even further to make it fit on a 7.5gb dvd9(the 1.5gb is for software protection).

GTA:SA was on a DVD9 to, but GTA4 had less content because it needed more space for the advanced game engines. I just find it ironic that if MS actually supported Hi-Def they wouldn't be in this predicament. They wouldn't need to blow 50million for DLC. That's not even counting the money they will lose on future titles needing extra discs.

If MS would have incorporated a HiDef drive into the 360 that would have been the deathnail of the PS3. Now PS3 will overtake them in '09.

Sitdown3706d ago

You could have just saved time and energy and said "I hate Microsoft". Come on now...the article is talking about the belief that GTA did not live up to the hype. The hype was being created by the media based on what they played and seen......not so much what they wanted in the game. The reality is.......once again gets hyped, it gets to the point where expectation is so far out there...that no matter what it does, people will be disappointed. Besides, if Microsoft did have the extra space...they most likely would have paid for the extra dlc content.why? Because they want the extra content to make their package seem more appealing than the ps3 version. DLC is not just because it will not fit on the disc....look a COD4 then the game of the year editions of it.

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