What does Nintendo need to do to make the NX a success?

"What can Nintendo do with a new console to bring it back into ascendency, after the Wii U limps to the finish line? Gamasutra's editorial team considers the question."

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Mrveryodd1517d ago

Loose half there board members , thay are so out of touch with what there user base wants imo

KentBenMei1517d ago

I'd say listen to fans but a lot of them are holding Nintendo back, being enablers.

fox791516d ago

Another negative article wow I'm not surprised look Zelda WiiU/NX is an open world Zelda game bigger then Xenoblade X so I'm sure they will be showing lots of the game off and new mechanics in gameplay ect...

Think of a Nintendo NX Direct in August and you won't be far wrong showing off all the launch games for the new console and all the features and capabilities it has,the new president said you will learn about all the launch games for NX this year so I think that there will definitely be a Direct dedicated to NX and NX software....