Media Molecule’s PS4 Exclusive Dreams Gets Artsy Still Life Screenshot

Today Media Molecule released a new screenshots of its upcoming PS4 exclusive Dreams.

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garrettbobbyferguson1109d ago

I'm still not quite sure what is the purpose of this game. Is the screenshot shown off meant to be a level?

pedrami911109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

Actually, yes.

Here´s the development of the level (don´t know if it will make it into the game):

And here's a small clip of "gameplay" on said level (not the exact same but with the same shader):

And the purpose ?

I would guess pretty similar to LBP. The game itself comes with a bunch of pre-made levels to get you started. Showing off what you can do to inspire you to make your own levels and share them.

scark921109d ago

Think of lbp but higher creative abilities

waltyftm1109d ago

Watched them create this live the other day, very impressive, worth a watch.

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sangoku_d1109d ago

Pc port beggars incoming

OoglyBoogly1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

I've been following the game pretty decently and have yet to see a single person request a PC version.

Have examples or just trying to stir up some shit?