A closer look at the collector's edition items of Battlefield 1

Additional images have been revealed for Battlefield 1 Collector's Edition, providing a closer look at the extra items.

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Kreisen1516d ago

Paying 200 for a statue of a random black guy is edgy as fuck.

killer8761516d ago

would it be less edgy if it was a white dude?
why do people like to focus on race so much?

opinionated1516d ago

Is that DMX?! AYO bitch, bring me a glass of water.. With a lemon in it. *dog bark*

1516d ago
Nodoze1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Why? Really EA and DICE? Who the hell would want this?

Stay tuned for Battlefield 2 which comes with a transgender statue.

killer8761516d ago

so i guess unless the guy is white, its not alright
good job putting black people in the same category as trannies