The End of Consoles Coming Soon? EA Exec Says Maybe

In a recent interview, EA's Peter Moore suggests that due to the continued rise of streaming, your current-gen console may be among the last of its kind.

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MRBIGCAT1520d ago

I think we are still a ways away from the end of consoles but there is no denying streaming & digital games are becoming more the norm. Time shall tell.

5p4c3d1520d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

i think within 10 years it will make more sense financially for everyone involved to be streaming. The biggest reason is less manufacturing cost. People tend to ignore all the precious metals that go into making our phones/pc/consoles. There is just no way they can sustain a model where everyone has to have their own hardware and keep buying new ones every few years to keep up with tech, especially as more and more developing countries are able to afford said tech. Not looking forward to a time when we no longer own any of that stuff though since companies have proved time and time again though dont really have consumer interest on their minds.

@bobafret yes but alot less of it if were just streaming compared to a full gaming rig

Bobafret1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

But we still need hardware on the other end, don't we?

_-EDMIX-_1520d ago

I don't disagree that they're gaining popularity but that doesn't mean consoles will end, it merely means that streaming will become more of an option I do see them having tiers of platforms like having a $99 box that just streams but I don't see them replacing consoles.

All that shows is that they're gaining popularity that doesn't actually mean that consoles themselves are no longer being...

Before we say something will end due to something being popular we must answer why they cannot coexist and merely be an option.

please stop making these stupid articles as this either or as that doesn't necessarily make any sense.

s45gr321519d ago

Ok what can consoles offer that a gaming PC does not offer. What features do consoles offer that neither Smart TV's, smartphones, or gaming PCs can't offer. What are the consoles exclusive gaming genres?

The answer is nothing at all:


Job apps like Uber

E-books for both University/college and leisure

PDF files compatible
PC like browser
Able to record and upload YouTube Videos........

PC console games

Super Panda adventure
Sine Mora
Blue Flamingo
Pretty much every Final Fantasy game
YS franchise

Computer Programmers, Game developers, and film sfx programmers use desktop PCs.

If you can answer those questions, then yes consoles can continue. If not well they are done hardware wise and yes I can watch Netflix on my smart tv.

TKCMuzzer1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

They offer simplicity and identification for engagement. PC is a very broad use of word and to a very high percentage of people PC's are not identified with gaming. Consoles give that identity to a wider audience and as I said they also offer simplicity, come home, have tea, turn on your console, play the game. No compatibility issues, no one playing a better version, no one uses different controls. It's plug and play, you may not like it but that suits many life styles just like mine.
PlayStation and Xbox are brands, PC is not, it's easier to promote and sell a brand.

_-EDMIX-_1519d ago

@s45gr32- "Ok what can consoles offer that a gaming PC does not offer"

Plug in play in seconds....

No trouble shooting issues

No configuration issues.

Not sure why you even rhetorically stated that as if they were the same LMFAO! As a console AND PC gamer, I can tell you if I had 1 choice, it would be console gaming for LIFE in a HEART BEAT! Mind you, I'm still planning a PC build for this gen, likely using the new GTX 1080.

Sorry but both offer different things to consumers and I like knowing that I can pick up my console and play it in seconds without any trouble shooting what so ever. LOVE the power and options I get from PC, but they are not GOOD ENOUGH to overtake actually playing the game stable for long sessions. Not saying you can't do that on PC, but you have way more chances of running into issues then on console.

"If not well they are done hardware wise" LMFAO! Sure bud, 40 million PS4s sold and 20 million XONE's sold say otherwise. Can you even name a major GPU that has moved more units then both starting this gen?

Steam ID- Edmix_the_shogun

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s45gr321519d ago

2020 or 2022 PS Now replaces consoles 😁

_-EDMIX-_1519d ago

Why? You've yet to actually state why they wouldn't have both?

Can you even name a medium that has actually went 100% streaming or digital?

I mean...sounds like you're just trolling for attention....

Summons751520d ago

That EA exec is insane if he thinks the demand for a home console will ever go away.

s45gr321519d ago

No he is realistic. Console hardware is done and buried. A smartphone has more productive features than a console and offers rts games which consoles struggle to get. Gaming PCs are way too advanced hardware/software wise for consoles to continue.

Summons751519d ago

Please show me a phone where I can get the experience of Uncharted 4? You can't. Your argument is mute. Yes, PCs are techinically better but not everyone....and a much bigger audience than the PC users, has the money to spend 1200+ bucks to get a high end PC to get the results you want when talking about PC gaming. The benifit of consoles and why they will never go away is that 1 they will ALWAYS be better than stupid phones (which don't even have buttons and every game plays like shit) and 2 they will always be affordable and an easy entry which doesn't require having to spend 3/400 bucks every other month to stay up to date.

There is nothing wrong with PC gaming ( I don't have the greatest PC but it scrapes by for the games I want to play on PC) but you are insane if you think the demand for consoles is going away when PS4 is blowing away expectations. People say this every generation but as long as there is a strong demand (which there clearly is) then consoles are never going away.

kraenk121520d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

I live in Berlin, a city with almost 4 million people and a high speed 150mbit internet connection, but even here it's shaky at times! If that means I won't be able to play my games in such a situation they can F themselves with their streaming services! Consoles won't go anywhere soon!

Arrow22831520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

I don't think consoles will go anywhere period. Streaming, people still like owning something physical. Digital sales have risen, yes, but at the same time people still go into big box stores everyday to purchase games. I'm sorry, but fuck Peter Moore, this guy has been a douchebag since he worked for Microsoft. Also I think numbers speak for themselves regardless of what place Sony and Microsoft are in. Their still stomping their previous numbers. numbers don't lie.

s45gr321519d ago

PS Now says hi. Valve has proven time and again that digital distribution is profitable. Consoles are useless even smartphones are more productive than consoles

kraenk121519d ago

You're kind of a sad person on a crusade...just repeating this nonsense over and over won't make it come true. Real gamers game on and support all platforms.

Arrow22831519d ago

@s45gr32. Umm...when in my comment did I say digital distribution isn't profitable? Hmm. Yeah no where. Good try though. You are right, Valve is profitable. HOWEVER! My point on the subject is though other mediums are successful, if consoles were to be so called dead soon, because we haven't heard that forever. Games sales alone whether it's digital or physical on CONSOLES wouldn't be on the rise.

donwel1520d ago

Continued rise of streaming? Where, for movies? Yeah, because the film industry has always been the perfect indicator for what console manufacturers should do.
Pretty much every gaming device that relies solely on streaming for users to access its library has failed miserably and I don't see that changing any time soon.

_-EDMIX-_1520d ago

Whats sad is even that example of the film industry is still disregarding that we still have movies in theaters, we still have physical media, we still have multiple distribution methods of film regardless of the popularity of streaming.

If we're going to use him as an example all it's saying is that it would become more popular but that doesn't necessarily mean every other method would just go away pretty positive we still have Blu-ray players to play Blu-ray and DVD.

So as to how console would go only streaming is beyond me if you factor neither film nor music have gone permanently streaming.

TheColbertinator1520d ago

Can't beat the theater experience. I get digital copies too along with blu-ray DVD sets. I kept the blu-ray,gave away the dvd copt

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