Controversial idea: Developers should talk to the press

Variety's Ben Fritz writes:

"A few weeks ago at a party I was talking to an acquaintance who works at a big game developer that works on a very big franchise and he was telling me how it's kind of a joke within his studio that the people who do press interviews about their games are usually not the people who were most intimately involved in their development.

Of course to me as the person occasionally on the other side of the interview (though luckily not too often, since we don't do "previews"), it wasn't funny so much as sad. Though honestly, it's not that surprising. So many of those interviews are more about a series of canned PR lines than genuine back-and-forth discussion that being intimately involved in the game doesn't seem like the key qualification so much as being able to deliver those talking points."

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RoidRage3704d ago

The PR face on most games are the Lead Designers, not the lowly coders and 3d artists. I think that most gaming addicts already know this. Although I do find it not only arrogant, but disrespectful for a Lead Designer to avoid giving props to their dev teams.