35 Uncharted 4 Screenshots of the first few hours

These are Screenshots of the first 2-3hours of playing Uncharted 4. More are added soon.

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sammarshall1021113d ago

Looks washed out in most of these images

TwoForce1112d ago

Nope. You are just trolling.

GamerzElite1112d ago

Lol man I think this is time to change your monitor. (It also depend on player setup)

OT: Good job Naughty Dog

G20WLY1112d ago

Your desperate Sony trolling is washed out...

Wallstreet371112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

Yet you was all over QB %ss, giving it props when alot of those pics really looked washed, smeared with vaseline and not impressive at all lol &ucking hypocrite. You guys never get tired lol

Thank god we will have professionals dissect it and let you know once again another Sony title holds the graphical crown on consoles (just like last gen by the way with Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, Gow3, Tlou, etc...)

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CyrusLemont1112d ago

He's playing Crash Bandicoot! A game within a game. Come on, these teases are way too much.

AnotherProGamer1113d ago

You can play it for one level

1112d ago
Davi1231112d ago

I'm asking myself if don't exist a password we could use to play other Crash levels!

hay1112d ago

"35 Uncharted 4 Screenshots of the first few hours"
No shit.

Vegamyster1113d ago

Are these taken directly from the PS4? The image quality has graininess in some of them in full screen.

Tobsesan1112d ago

Yep I used the ps4 Screenshot Tool and uploaded it directly to our HP, but they get compressed a litte by our smush Programm. I try to upload uncompressed screens later this day

Tobsesan1112d ago

So people disagree with my upload history? Ok?

DragonDDark1112d ago

Did you change image type on the ps4 to png?

Tobsesan1112d ago

I used the default options

wenaldy1113d ago

Do not click, contains some minor spoilers!!

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The story is too old to be commented.