The Fall of Call of Duty, and the Rise of Battlefield

The tides are changing in the world of military shooters, as the responses to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 are vastly different.

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detroitmademe1111d ago

Lol I doubt the actual bottom line of sales will change to much. Yea CoD had over 50%dislikes on YouTube but what people are overlooking is that even bad media is good media. All those dislikes are really just keeping CoD relevant in a twisted way. But IMO battlefield has been the better overall shooter for a few games now

SourtreeDing1110d ago

i agree with that.. and the thing is its only the internet.. and only haters come on here and its realy the minority.. plus i see both games selling well and i wont be picking up neither of them..

redey31110d ago

You're a hater because fans are asking for a WWI/II setting for years and the developer not only ignores you but releases a horrible setting (based on 875 THOUSAND of dislikes)?
As I said above, all of the cod trailers in history have around the same if not less number of dislikes put together like this one, maybe the ''haters'' rised in numbers multiplied by 10 in the last year? Or is it just logical and possible that people are sick of space COD?

Vegamyster1109d ago


People have been asking for a WW settings game for years but AW & BO3 didn't receive half as much flak, is the IW trailer so bad that it warrants 900k dislikes? Lets look at the views/L/D from the past 3 games in comparison.

Ghosts: 27 Million views, L 144k D 20k
AW: 30 Million views, L 222k D 51k
BO3: 22 Million views, L 395k D 80k
IW: 12 Million views, L 237k D 900k

So the likes are a improvement over Ghosts/AW with less than half the view count but it has an usual amount of dislikes, it was being spammed on the internet that it was becoming one of the highest disliked videos so it wouldn't surprise me if it's just a fad, i mean I'm not really interested in the game (mostly MW1 remake lol) but it's doesn't look half as bad as people are making it out to be lol.

redey31109d ago


How in earth can oyu post that numbers and say ''the likes are a imrpovement over Ghosts/AW),
Yes, and more than 5 times the dislikes than all three previous games put together!
You don't understand that? Understand these, COD is the most disliked video on youtube in ALL TIME in view/dislike ratio, COD is also (if you ignore the views) the 8th most disliked youtube video of all time, right up there with miley cyrus, nicki minaj, justin bieber and the team.
Stop sugar coating it, people are sick of COD futuristic crap more than even, i BOUGHT every cod right up MW2, then I was neutral, but the past two years I would rather chop my leg off than play this shitty futuristic COD ever.

redey31110d ago

Actually it's 80% dislike not 50%, that means every 5 person liked it. It's the most disliked gaming video on youtube, and is in the top 40 of the most disliked videos of ALL TIME. Stop sugar coating it, alot of people are done with COD, it's a huge difference considering all the dislikes of ALL COD traiiles before TOGETHER are about the same number of dislikes just this one has.
Battlefield has 95%likes and 2.5 million MORE views even though it was announced some days LATER.
Even a preschool kid could see what the numbers are showing.

You can quote me when the sales turn up, BF will have around the same sales as COD or even more. You'll see.

Ricegum1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

No it won't. What is with you BF fanboys, all you really talk about is how BF is going to destroy cod, just leave it. It's clearly not, the internet is full of haters and sheep like yourself, I don't think even 90% even know what they're hating about Call of Duty, they just do it because it's cool (take the Call of Duty name away and the Infinite Warfare trailer is actually decent)

Just go enjoy BF, meanwhile 20+ million Call Of Duty fans will be playing the next Cod. Just because they're not on the Internet giving a YouTube video hundreds and thousands of likes doesn't mean cod fans don't exist lol. Plus, Modern Warfare will probably guarantee it far outsells the next Battlefield.

SourtreeDing1109d ago

lol go outside. who cares who has more.. both games are boring dont matter the setting.. i played the shit out of these games back in the day more COD then BF..

both games will be the same and boring af.. COD twitch shooter, objectives barley matter.. then we have BF large ass number of players put to go against eacherother.. no team work gunplay sucks.. everyone doing ther own thing.. how boring

i need a good tactical shooter that takes skill like Socom!

detroitmademe1109d ago

God dam. 80%dislikes? Didn't know that as I didn't see the trailer but yea that doesn't sound good for cod.I still think it'll sell tho but dammmm that's alot of dislikes. Bout time people started to wake up

garrettbobbyferguson1109d ago

"Even bad media is good media"

That is may be true for the no name guy making an art project that is unknown into a comercial project, but this not the case for the big company that already has a multi million dollar presence int he industry.

Why do you people think bad press coverage is still good for these corporate giants? It's not.

danny8181109d ago

agreed. BF4 has been a great for a couple of years now and still holds up against COD imo

spicelicka1109d ago

Yea basically a big portion of CoD demographics include a lot of younger players and casual gamers who don't follow anything in the gaming industry. As long as they have that, sales aren't going anywhere.

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PSN_ZeroOnyx1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Talk about a joke of an article. Is it April 1rst again already?

N81110d ago

COD will still sell more. It's a kids game now. My son would never play battlefield it would be to hard for him.

Salooh1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Exactly , all people must understand this so that we can move on. It's existing shouldn't matter to us. Giving attention to it is the problem. Look at overwatch news , people like drama. It doesn't help the game positively when it comes to gamers interest. It only serve those who fool people(like websites and greedy developers). So we need to avoid drama so that all people in this media get what they deserve, not more.

N4g for example could have positive effect and be the best example . But sadly they support this nonsense.

Another simple example is Uncharted 4 reviews. This website in overall instead of encouraging to support the honest reviewers it actually encourage people to support drama, so less good impact in gaming community(more stupid opinions instead of inform opinions lol), that's why we see more hits in troll reviews. If people give hits to the honest reviewers , trolls will be scared to troll but in reality they love trolling at this day because it gives them more money and no law against that here. That's a real issue. I am not sure how you guys will react to my comment , hope i don't offend this website. ^^

Stereotypical_gamer1110d ago

The worst part is is that people who play cod think that they are good at fps's, when in actuality it's just being on the right side of a shitty p2p connection that determines the outcome of cod matches.

Ricegum1109d ago

Wow, you really believe that don't you. Lol, you obviously suck. Hey at least in Battlefield you can sit miles away from the action with a sniper, that'll guarantee you some kills.

annoyedgamer1109d ago

BF is a casual shooter too. It hasn't been skill based since Bad Company. And just like Activision, EA thinks they know more than their customer base and insists on shoving stuff we never asked for down our throats.

WellyUK1110d ago

Bf is just as casual as cod now...

Inzo1110d ago

Elaborate on why you say rip cod, because from what I have seen of the two trailers only COD showed actual gameplay, whereas BF was CGI.

TheBurger291109d ago

In-engine and CGI are very different things. Battlefront did the same thing and looked almost the same as the trailer at launch.

Battlefield19991108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

From what I've seen COD has 1 million dislikes and only 200k likes probably for the cod 4 remastered edition but bf1 has 1 million likes to 20k dislikes. Just using the stats that cod players have been using ever since. "Oh we've got 20 million plus players" "we've sold more copies" and so on. And that game play was all single player

Lord_of_Cinder1110d ago

This article talks about an Imaginary fall without facts. What bad way to look for clicks.

In order to proclaim that COD fall, you need facts, and since the games have not even been released in order to measure their sales and impact, you cannot talk about that based in merely dislikes on YouTube.

redey31110d ago

So '' that trailer now has over 486,000 likes (now 800k), and just 9.7K dislikes.'' for bf and ''with over 620,000 fans giving it a thumbs down'' for cod (now 875k), and Bf having 2.5 million more views even though it was released LATER is not a fact?

On what planet do you live?

Oschino19071109d ago

When have those kinds of "facts" ever matched up with real world sales results?

Seems to me like many of the BF fanboys are just that much more petty and immature compared to COD fanboys which don't seem to roam the internet trashing BF every chance they get.

Kinda pathetic when every article about BF1 is filled with BF fanboys talking about COD instead of BF1. You can't mention BF1 without a bunch of BF fanboys bringing up COD or talk about COD with a bunch of BF fanboys bringing BF1 into it.

Personally I am probably buying both, I don't care who "wins", I just want both games to be good and stick to focusing on being the best they can be, not trying to out do the other.

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