Battlefield 1 Has More Than 90% Like Ratio On YouTube, Twice Compared To Infinite Warfare

Battlefield 1 was revealed just last night and it appears to have been welcomed by fans and gamers alike compared to the reveal of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

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Hold_It1520d ago

It goes to show people are tired of scrubby recycled futuristic FPS games.

cash_longfellow1520d ago

...And Battlefield 1 looks really....really good.

FITgamer1520d ago

Yeah but the masses will still buy it. MW Remaster tempted me, but after seeing BF1 reveal I have no issues waiting until the inevitable stand alone release of MW.

vickers5001520d ago

No, it goes to show how people are tired of cod futuristic games. A futuristic game done by dice (that doesn't try to rope in as many casuals as possible, like battlefront) could be really good.

nX1519d ago

I was tired of CoD in general after playing MW3 and they still couldn't convince me to come back. Incredibly stale and uncreative franchise.

WeAreLegion1520d ago

Which is nice. But I still wanted gameplay.

cash_longfellow1520d ago

Next month at the EA event, there will be gameplay. It will also be playable there.

YinYangGaming1520d ago

Yep it'll probably be multiplayer gameplay at EA event and SP at Microsoft E3 or vice versa

ZulDaIng1520d ago

They'll show a ton of it at E3 probably

The 10th Rider1520d ago

Oh yeah. The trailer definitely has me excited . . . But I need to see what a match looks like before I get too pumped up. Can't wait to see more, though!

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WeaseL1520d ago

Until I actually see game-play or try the games I do not trust either.

maulberto31520d ago

I can't deny it, although I was introduced to CoD first and loved it, I geared towards Battlefield since BC, because I just had some great moments and I think that sticked with me. Then I had even more great moments with Battlefield and this new B1 just looks awesome in every way. Thanks Dice.

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The story is too old to be commented.