The PlayStation 4 has the best VR headset — here’s why

PlayStation VR the easiest way for you to jump into virtual reality.

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DigitalRaptor1628d ago

Great video.

Best form factor, best ergonomics, best price, most accessible, biggest featured software lineup.

Errorist761627d ago

Best screen tech minus resolution!

Unspoken1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Hahahaha, another tabloid. This was already debunked weeks ago. PSVR will have the worst graphics and age very quickly. Oculus has the best price to performance ratio and largest support base.

Errorist761626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )


It would have been better if you'd stayed to your nickname's promise. You don't even seem to know what I was referring to. PSVR does have superior lenses and screen tech, only the resolution is slightly lower...but in contrary to the others it has a higher refresh rate (120 to 90 Hz) and NO screen door effect due to its superior RGB panel.

Unspoken1626d ago

Educate yourself and try your hand again at originality because you have absolutely followed your name. Lol

amiga-man1627d ago

PSVR has a lot going for it and certainly has advantages over other devices, having said that the other devices have advantages over PSVR, but I'm sure Sony will offer a worthwhile VR experience and I will be keen to find out for myself.

Gazondaily1627d ago

Yeah for me its the most accessible VR solution plus I'm excited about the titles that will come out for it.

Sony first party studios + Plug in and play VR = big win for me

freshslicepizza1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

its is the most accessible. however which offers the best experience? if i was going to invest i would want the best experienece and htc thrive seems to be it if you read all the previews but it's also the most expensive and hardest to setup.

the most logical thing to do however is to be patient and wait at least a year and see how they all evolve. the software is key as well and we all know the growing pains for any peripheral.

Muadiib1627d ago

My lack of funds is compelling me to wait a year, it's good advice though.

amiga-man1627d ago

It's HTC Vive and certainly offers a lot, but then it costs a lot, The PSVR is the cheapest option and as far as value for money it stands out while offering a great experience too, I have waited long enough for VR to become a reality, i'm not waiting any longer.

Vive is too expensive, PSVR is at a price that allows me to jump straight in, I just need to find one.

xer01627d ago

I was really surprised by how comfortable it was to wear. So light! :)
On top of that, the super high refresh rate means, you can wear this for hours without feeling queezy or experience headaches.

jorellpogi1627d ago

It's affordable and I have a PS4 so no brainer there.

Unspoken1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

That's how I feel about Oculus. I already own a VR Ready PC and if Oculus is the same price as PSVR with additional camera and controller, I'll get the better one. Just tested the demo out at Best Buy and everyone was loving it.

Corpser1627d ago

Problem is it's just not the headset, games need to run on ps4 which is just too weak compare to vive/oculus' minimum requirement

SpinalRemains1381627d ago

This is the driving force behind Neo I believe. A little more juice for a better experience.

amiga-man1627d ago

Playstation is a known quantity and is easier to get the most from what is on offer, as a VR experience there is a lot to recommend the PSVR and with Sony's software contacts, i'm sure there will be plenty of great experiences to be had.

UltraNova1626d ago

True in a way but did you ever considered that such high requirements for both the HTC and Vive are enforced due to the lack of optimization and raw power over-reliance?

Consider this, if they can pull of the best looking game on any system including PC (Uncharted 4 - everyone is saying it not just me), I think its a safe bet that we will see some interesting and competitive stuff from PSVR .

Majister-Ludi1627d ago

Sorry it may be the cheapest but I don't mind paying for quality. All signs point to vive but I'm playing the wait and see game first.

kraenk121627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Software is key and that's where Vive has the worst offering as of today. If you hack it though you can use Oculus' stuff as well.

MusashiBlack1627d ago

Lie...I own a Vive, other than lucky's tale and Chronos everything else is being ported over. As of right now there is plenty of good games out on the vive that isn't on the rift. PSVR will be the mid level VR and will sell tons.

kraenk121627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )


PSVR will sell tons because Sony knows how to make compelling software.

ATM there isn't much truly interesting on Vive or Rift imho. I'd say Insomniac's projects are among the most interesting gaming wise. I game on PC mostly but I'll wait for a PC headset with a better screen which doesn't have screen door effect.

UltraNova1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )


Don't get me wrong but are you intentionally forgetting that all PSVR previews so far assured us of no visible screen door effect?

Why not giving PSVR a go? Assuming you have or are interested in console gaming.

kraenk121626d ago


That's exactly what i will do...I was just talking about the PC headsets. Sony leads the way gaming and screen-tech wise.

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