Attorney: Blame Grand Theft Auto in Court, Get Rich The use of Grand Theft Auto as a scapegoat isn't going anywhere, says law professor Ashley Lipson. The trick is worth too much money.

"A good defense lawyer will blame everyone in sight, except of course the client. When he or she runs out of people to blame, it's time to look around for objects. What could be better than a popular videogame?"

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FantasyStar3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

The article suggests that all defense attorneys' (including the big J.T.) use games to humanize the client and shift blame towards others. I did mock trial, moot court, and youth court as well for the high school delinquents and I can agree that as a prosecuting attorney myself; you do whatever it takes to demonize the plaintiff and send them scorching in flames at the bottom of hell itself by using whatever stereotypes, media icons, and subjects that the jury is familiar with as "bad". However in JT's case, he doesn't use video games as a scapegoat in his client's interest; no he's a renegade conservative that is out to destroy everything video-games because he can. You cannot possibly combine the words Jack Thompson, Defense Attorney and video games without the words "destroy" and "personal motive" as well.

Fanboy Slaughter3730d ago

I've grown to know that any and all defense attorneys are scum, considering they make a living doing nothing more than getting criminals put back on the streets, and making pariahs out of victims.

Line these people up and give Natural Selection a helping hand. I say that if you're a defense attorney, you shouldn't be allowed to be a gamer, especially if your greed gets you to do things to hurt an industry you have some love for, and gets you to hurt people who have already been through hell by character assassinating them in front of a bunch of people (including their attackers).

Do the world a favor, and put THESE people behind bars with their clients.

Silly Mammo3730d ago

...And that's why people hate lawyers.

Enigma_20993730d ago

Just find someone or something to blame... you don't have to take responsibility for anything, I don't care if it IS your fault!!!

This just makes me want to cry....

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