Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Upgrading the Xbox One

With rumours flying around about upgrades to the Xbox One that Microsoft could announce at E3, Steve discusses what improvements can be made to the console

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magiciandude1113d ago

Taking off work for Microsoft's E3. If MS will announce a new state of the art gaming console machine this E3 I won't sleep well ever again. Imagine the level of greatness and excitement!

TKCMuzzer1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

No offence but there really should be more of a focus on games from Microsoft, games make a console. The fact that fans can get excited at a new console less than 3 years in says a lot about what has been offered in those 3 years. Whats to say that trend wouldn't continue with a new machine? because history seems to suggest that it will...

On games that sell a console, make it a must own, not cross platform. I may have considered an Xbox One but all the games seem to be coming to PC, so I have very little interest now.

343_Guilty_Spark1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

They've been focusing on games.

You need a fairly beastly rig to play the Xbox games available on Windows Store.

MachuchalBrotha3161113d ago

There can be a focus on both.. afterall its a gaming machine.

Yetter1113d ago

Seems to me that MS has a great line up of diverse games that speak to all different kinds of gamers, far more than any of the competition imo

sammarshall1021113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

It has great games already with more on the way

headblackman1113d ago


huh??? games focus??? have you been paying attention to this gen sir??? games have been the focus of xbox since this gen started and from what phil is saying, it will continue to be so, so what are you talking about???

Trekster_Gamer1113d ago

Why can't they focus on both the company can handle it an extremely powerful console at a reasonable price with games that can take advantage of it

RiPPn1112d ago

@Yetter: Xbox and diverse do not even belong in the same sentence especially when compared to the competition.. there is no way you believe what you just wrote or you are completely ignorant to what is available on other platforms.

modelgod1112d ago

You'll be surprised to as to how many ppl actually DON'T have PC's. I agree with you as far as games should be the focal point, as it should be for all consoles. I have an xbox one and the games are just fine, Sony went thru a year and half slum and they are just getting their footing, as far as games. Although I'm deeply saddened by the current generation of gaming, I think it's too soon for all these 1.5 versions of consoles. Rather it's 990 or 1080p, both companies should just focus on gaming and let these poor developers do what they do best. Some of my favorite games are Indies you know why? Because they are fun and they aren't summed down. GAMES, GAMES, GAMES!!!

Ju1112d ago

MS could sway me getting an XBox if they release a new console. I mean, I have a PS4 already, the Neo will be great and I can probably play all my library, but they play great already. With a new XBox I could finally get Gears and Forza to fill that void. If they release a power console which fixes the performance issues, that would probably be a great addition. Well, I hope it'll be backward compatible and isn't too pricey ($400 max). We'll see, but I am sure I am not the only one thinking that way.

Deadpooled1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )


'Seems to me that MS has a great line up of diverse games that speak to all different kinds of gamers, far more than any of the competition imo'

......'a great line up of diverse games that speak to all different kinds of gamers, far more than any of the competition imo'

......'far more than any of the competition imo'


kevnb1112d ago

I don't see how games going to PC hurts the Xbox one, only thing it hurts is people trying to argue that the Xbox one has the best exlcusives lol.

GameNameFame1112d ago

Double standard is just hilarious.

Xbox comments on half gen upgraded console and everyone hails as incredible innovation. Once you hear PS4 doing same, it is the worst thing ever??

Lol is it double standard or desperation?


Except if you look at metascore, Xbox One is getting absolutely dominated.

And most of the games are not really exclusives as they are ported to PC.

Yetter1112d ago

@Rippn @Deadpool Halo Wars 2, Crackdown, Recore, Sea of thieves, Scalebound, Quantum break. 6 games, all completely different generes. Maybe this wasn't true last generation but I stand by my statement, what MS has lined up is more interesting than anything the competition has to offer. Horizons is the only game I can think of on the PS4 that I'm looking forwards to

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rigo85821113d ago

Its crossing my mind to take that monday off work. Part of me is thinking the new hardware is going to be available that day or that week.

iTechHeads1113d ago

Now that would be huge news.
Would probably only be a slim though.

never4get1112d ago

and it's an Xbox Windows Gaming PC.

Fin_The_Human1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

MS will just announce a SLIM XB1 trust me.

I say let Sony release the PS4.5 Neo and see how the PS fanbase reacts.

The fanbase can either let this one slide and ignore that games that are for both the Vanilla PS4 and PS4.5 Neo will look and perform better than the other or they can just give Sony the middle finger on this one and stand up to let Sony know that they wont be Apple Sheeps.

I honestly think that the only reason Sony is doing this is because they have no other choice since they are pushing PSVR hard and realize that even though they have the price advantage, VR needs power which the Vanilla PS4 is not able to provide in order to compete with the Oculus.

ILostMyMind1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

You could not be more wrong, if you are not being malicious. PS-VR has nothing to do with it. It is designed to be used with a PS4, not with Neo. VR is not for the future, it is for now. Developers are already working on it and making games for the first day of release. Stop saying that just because it takes a powerful hardware on PCs that can not do it on PS4. PS-VR will not compete with the Oculus because there is no Oculos in PS4. In this case, no matter what's in the PC. And Sony is doing because it can and should. Is better for players to have an upgraded hardware option. You will upgrade it if you want. If you have any problem with the situation, either ideological or financial, simply do not do it.

Fin_The_Human1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Ivan you still don't get my point.

Sure developers are making games for the PSVR now but did you see the VR games that Sony showed at E3? They were really not graphically impressive and frame rate was an issue, the Tron demo is a good example of this.

I am not saying that they first wave of PSVR games wont play or look ok but after that Sony needs to step it up as the Oculus is a beast when it comes to power.

I don't think you have played VR yet because if you did you would know that graphics and performance is vital when it comes to VR.

I want to see you here come E3 when Sony revelas the PS4.5 Neo and talks about how much benefit it will bring to the PSVR.

ILostMyMind1113d ago

I have not seen any developer complaining about the frame rate, I saw exactly the opposite. The PS-VR has a separately processing unit to do it. The game graphics were poor because no company will spend millions developing a AAA game for a platform that sold zero to date. Best games will come when there is a good installed base for this. They produce games for money, remember?

Of course the Oculus is a great machine, all top PC is. And the consoles still exist anyway. Multiplatform games will be better look in Oculus but will be playable in PS-VR like any PS4 game is now. Do not worry about the future. There will be a PS5 and a PS-VR2 when the time comes.

I'll be watching when Sony announced the PS Neo and I'll be happy to know that it will improve the games in VR as the PS4 and yet both will be playable on current hardware.

You and I have no reason to panic. I see all these movements as a positive to the market even if I do not want to participate in it.

Goldby1113d ago


The Tron demo (Rez? or the light disc one?) didn't show any issues with Frame Rate or resolution.
The only issue with the light disc one was the move controller died mid presentation. at least with that we know it wasn't a prescripted scene and actual gameplay. thats more than most companies do now a days,

BossBattle1113d ago

That would make Sony have 2 more powerful consoles than MS in this latest gen. That's the worst advice ever.

MCTJim1113d ago

I really think the Neo is nothing more than the latest Bluray standard and possibly the PSVR box built into it.

Dyldog691112d ago

Hey what do you got against vanilla? It's superior to chocolate

kevnb1112d ago

They also want the ps4 to be able to play 4K bluray and Netflix, right now it can't.

DemonChicken1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

@ fin_ the_human

No they will announce a more powerful Xbox because if the competition does so (because it is still rumors - no confirmation) - they will follow to continue to stay relevant in the market (note those 180s). Plus with those rumors flying around with a 10 TF graphics card on the next xbox (which some fans are taking it like an holy grail - cue CrapGamer and misterxmedia (just look at their twitter or youtube)).

I somewhat can't believe this because 10 TF is beefier than a Titan X and the GTX 1080 (6.5 TF) which was just announced in addition to the insane pricepoint that is to follow. But since this is Microsoft, as I mentioned on another thread I can see them coming out with an elite bundle with controller and console plus they need a beefier machine to have the oculus rift support plus the push for Windows 10. Also if it was this powerful, there won't be any point in releasing the next xbox iteration for a long time to come.

In regards to the Xbox One exclusive line up - they are not diverse and I am still waiting for a exclusive (Xbox One only) to reach a + 90 metacritic score -

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iTechHeads1113d ago

State of the art? Come on dude.
Microsoft has a hard enough time seeking its current box. You want them to release a $500 console?

sammarshall1021113d ago

Part of the reason it hasn't sold as well as the PS4 is the power perception and there's only a slight difference in games

It is still selling well though

I'd buy a new more powerful Xbox

DigitalRaptor1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

@ Sam

Perception is a new reality to you? I'm sorry, but PS4 games offer enough of a difference - in REALITY, not just consumer perception. If it were, then you wouldn't keep getting brand new representative games in 720p, dynamic resolution or looking like absolute dog turd (Gears of War). The only ones lying to themselves about this are those that have reason to. A.K.A the ones on the losing side of the fence that need to keep telling themselves things that make them feel more comfortable.

Ju1112d ago

^^ Well, exactly. And a new XBox would fix that. Same price, of course. What makes you think this thing will release more expensive than the consoles 3 years ago? Hint: They won't.

Lord_of_Cinder1113d ago

I don't understand. Didn't "power does not matter"? But now some are craving for power.

MagicBeanz1113d ago

Yeah cause a new console form Microsoft already is fine right, but if Sony releases one it "divides the market" and is bad in every way, right?

magiciandude1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

Future Neo owner. It even says it in my profile!

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Bobafret1113d ago

I am beginning to wonder if MS is kicking off 9th gen, they have no hope of even improving the gap with the Ps4. Sony really deserves props for delivering this gen.

TKCMuzzer1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Well if Microsoft showed a commitment and direction that gamers could go along with then maybe they would have more success, are they more interested in Windows games? Do they really care about the Xbox One and making it a must have with it's own games? I'm not sure anyone really knows. Without obvious direction no one will follow.

whitesoxfalife19761113d ago

why y'all sounding so impatient for, not just this post but every post. Do yall really think and believe that MS is not focusing on "US THE GAMER". Everybody take takes a word and twist to a 1000 words and that is how things get miss informed around here period.

That goes for the Sony camp as well. Splitting the base, etc just all this is nonsense in my opinion. Both these companies are trying there dam-nest to make sure we are happy and what we give them in return? More of this ain't enough for the gamer.

Let them do the job first wait until things is actually concrete, i know its fun to speculate but "specing" is what bringing the wrong info out and about.

kevnb1112d ago

I don't think Microsoft is really doing anything wrong, Sony is just beating them.

Fin_The_Human1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Boba why does the gap and beating Sony matter though?

The XB1 is selling much better than the XB360 and people are happy with the direction MS is going and with the games that they have given us so far.

Sure its not doing PS4 numbers but apart from fanboys who care about the console war I don't think that's an issue and kudos to Sony for the PS4 success but just because the XB1 is not doing those numbers or beating Sony that does not mean that they have failed.

The Nintendo Wii killed the XB360 and PS3 in sales last gen, did MS or Sony rush to get a new console?

I know you are going to come back with some argument about how its matters to MS to beat Sony but all I can tell you is that the XB1 is in a good place and MS is not in danger and as much as you may hate it they are here to stay.

Gol3m1113d ago

Thing is its not selling better than the 360 anymore. It's had a massive slow down

Bobafret1112d ago

Na, no argument, you make good points.

RobLoPR1112d ago

All I know is im happy woth my XB1 (actually got 2 of them) and my PS4 was just collecting dust. Thats my opinion. Everybodh has a right to chiose... And if Microsoft anounced a new console... I would buy it immedietly, and I hope thats whats about to happen not just a slim version....

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rainslacker1113d ago

I can't see why they'd want to. They would still want to maximize any profit they could off the X1, especially considering how much they sunk into Kinect during R&D.

MS isn't actually doing poorly this gen, they just appear to be doing poorly because it's always compared to PS4 which is doing really good.

While the gap isn't helping them, I don't think i'ts harming them as much as some people posit. I think it's more that Sony just has a better brand reputation world wide, and is seen as a company that supports its home consoles with a good variety of software. I think MS lacks in this department some, despite releasing some good quality games, and that perception has just stuck with them because they got into this rotation of releasing the same franchise games without much in between, and then practically not releasing anything to appeal to the hardcore in the last few years of the 360's life. MS is basically trying to gain a better perception right now, hence why this shift to focus on more games, and if they just abandon their current console in favor of trying to get the jump on Sony again, it's likely to backfire on them, as it would mean they'd only ever had one console which they supported for the long term, and that one they even kind of ignored the hardcore on near the end.

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S2Killinit1113d ago

THIS as opposed to "PS4K dividing the market". What gives??

Xavy1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Hypocrisy at its finest.

it goes like this.

Sony - its bad for gamers
Microsoft - its good for gamers

343_Guilty_Spark1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Lol this website is fiercely pro Sony. So don't even go there.

TheCommentator1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

When certain PS4 owners consistently come into comparison threads and degrade them into pissing contests because the PS4 always looks better, and then come into threads like this and question the enthusiasm of some people wanting an Xbox with better graphics that's hypocracy at it's finest. It's their opinion. Maybe you're just scared that the rumor about the next XBox being a 10tf PC compatible platform would not only put the Neo's 4tf to shame, but give MS OR compatibility and an instant library of VR titles on their "new" platform as well?

Not every Xbox or PS owner welcomes the idea of a better console 3 years in, but some still do because they want the best they can get. I personally think it does a disservice to those early adopters, all 60 million of us, who would have new versions of a console to consider after such a short time. I can respect people wanting a new device though.

S2Killinit1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

@343GuiltySpark & TheCommentator
Those are cases of fans doing what you are claiming, the "fans" are fiercely pro Sony, the fans make comments you don't like. I'm talking about the articles. The ones about Sony doing the SAME thing are saying its horrible, and then in the same day we get "stronger, better, faster" article about Microsoft doing the same thing. This isn't the fans, its the articles.

S2Killinit1113d ago

Xbox: "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"
PS4: "PS4K will divide the market, a stab in the back of gamers"

Yetter1113d ago

Is this your first day at N4G or something?

Khaotic1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Put your big girl panties back on, people on this site bow down to Sony quit trying to play victim it makes you look petty

Gol3m1113d ago

Yeah commentator is right it's a disservice to the

43m ps4 users and the 17m xbox one users

TheCommentator1113d ago

S2Killinit, these "articles" are opinion pieces representative of one individuals' personal preferences about the whole "do we need a mid gen console" debate. I've seen pro PS4 Neo articles and anti XB1.5 articles as well, and to top it all off this journalism is all still based off of rumors anyways.

Stapleface1112d ago

Different articles by different authors from different websites. So you different opinions. It's not rocket science.

Bobafret1112d ago

Well, Sony does have close to what, 45 million installed base? Plus nobody has ANY complaints about the Ps4 hardware, it routinely does 900-1080p just fine. So with that said, it makes less sense for Sony to do a refresh. Microsoft is floundering with the X1, it's sales have declined and it is doubtful they can tough it out a few more years with the current hardware. It is not so much the actual hardware of the X1, but the perception everyone has of it. It is seen as the lesser of the two choices by and large. New hardware would be a much needed shot in the arm for MS.

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Ju1112d ago

I agree. These articles are BS. It's the same for both. I don't know why there is such a big outcry from cry babies. I mean, if you buy into a locked platform (be it a console or something else) it will be replaced by something else sooner or later. The good thing nobody really seems to care about is, the first time this will still secure your past investment. Nothing becomes obsolete because the games will continue to function just as good. And this applies to all manufacturers. Would we all agree to that attitude, nothing would ever move forward. We need progress, that's a good thing. And that comes from someone who has gone through this at least through more than 3 decades...

Bobafret1112d ago

To add to this, both manufacturers flubbed it in my opinion regarding hardware specs. To be fair it is exceedingly difficult to balance power/price when building a closed system such as a console. At a minimum both should have been capable of 1080/60 for all games.

Xavy1113d ago

I thought upgraded console are a bad thing for gamers, that it will divide the communities?

ILostMyMind1113d ago

Only when it is with the PS4.

Rimeskeem1113d ago

Although if it is true that the consoles will coexist that would be good. Basically be a slim version with better specs.

SmielmaN1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

A upgraded XBone is the ultimate slap in the face, middle finger to gamers. It's only going to divide the user base and destroy gaming. It's the worst thing that a company hat supposedly cares about its consumers can do. It's going to be a massive failure and they deserve that failure for such appalling treatment of gamers.

Am I doing this right? This is all I read about PS Neo for the last few weeks so this is obviously going to recieve the same treatment right? Am I right?

Where's Rookie, Septic, Death, and the rest of the Microsoft Defence Force? Avoiding these articles it seems eh?

trooper_1113d ago

That hypocrisy at work...

rainslacker1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Depends on who's writing the article.

Hint: Look at who wrote the two articles today.

Gamingbolt: It's bad/will divide the fan base
Xboxenthusiest: Rawwwrrrr MS is beast.

I personally don't consider two different people having varying opinions to mean either of them are hypocritical, nor do I apply the hypocrite card to an entire fan base based on said articles. It's much easier to call them out individuals on their own comments.

Free_Fro1113d ago

PC is the only thing that I'll ever upgrade..
Not a console..

that said, I wonder how strict console gamers feel about this.

ILostMyMind1113d ago

I'm okay with that. No problem to know that a game is running better in someone else's machine. All PCGamers know it when see a beautiful PC game on youtube but when they run on their own machines is never equal. But it works. Say the opposite of this is hypocrisy. All games will be developed for the PS4 (in the case of the PlayStation) and each one can choose whether to upgrade or not. But I'm curious to know how the XBox fans will behave with this new console model. Imagine Michael Jackson eating popcorn in a movie theater ...

n4rc1113d ago

I'm fine with it.. It's my hobby, and still a fairly cheap one.. If I (and everyone else) drops $600 on a new phone every 2 years, why does a console need to last 6-8 years?

I'm not looking it up, but wasnt every other generation only a few years? Last gen was an abnormality

I'm cool with a 3yr cycle.. I might prefer 4 or 5 but with this gen already settled and vr coming, it makes sense that this would be a quick generation in their eyes..especially when the new consoles will certainly play current games

ILostMyMind1113d ago

What new cycle do you mean? They will not release a PS5 or XBTwo that I know. Your console will last 6 years if you want, as lasted the PS1 and PS2.

n4rc1113d ago

What do you mean that you know? You know nothing.. Lol..

All rumors lately point to new hardware and not just slim models.. That's what I'm referring to