The turning point for Battlefield was moving to consoles with Bad Company – DICE

DICE considers the “turning point” for the Battlefield series moving to consoles in full force with Battlefield: Bad Company in 2008.

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BattleAxe1964d ago

Bad Company was such an awesome game back then. I wish they'd release it for backwards compatibility on Xbox One, or remaster it. It would be cool if they also released it on Origin. Currently, the only place where you can download the game is on Xbox 360.

FullmetalRoyale1964d ago

Bad Company 2 is still the absolute best multiplayer I've ever played, with TLoU getting a shout out.
Man I want to get that feeling again.

Zjet1964d ago

Battlefield 2 Modern Combat was the first console Battlefield...not Bad Company. but Bad Company 2 is still my favourite in the series, i have played the campaign so many times.