Three 'Too Human' Developers Discuss Game's Reputation, Breakthroughs and Criticisms (Denis Dyack Not Included)

MTV Multiplayer recently had the opportunity to e-mail the creators of Xbox 360 action role-playing game "Too Human" a few questions about the game they just spent the last four years making. They asked not to talk to the game's lead creator, the widely-quoted Denis Dyack, because they thought it would be interesting to hear from other people on the team at development studio Silicon Knights.

They talked about:

* How the game's rocky journey in the public eye - from its maligned E3 2006 debut to recent controversies - affected the development team.
* Which aspects of "Too Human" they are most proud of.
* Why the game's creators made an action game that maps combat to an analog stick rather than to buttons.
* How they settled on the number of levels and enemies in the game - and what they say to people who think there are too few.
* And more

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dktxx23795d ago

At least the teams not as bad as Dyack is.

slayer83795d ago

Dyack is right about one thing, those thate 'get' Too Human are enjoying it.