NVIDIA GTX1080 Officially Announced, Faster Than Two GTX980s In SLI & The Titan X

NVIDIA has officially revealed the GTX1080. According to the company, the GeForce GTX 1080 features Pascal architecture, 16nm Finfet, GDDR5X, a beautiful design, and new graphics tech. What’s really interesting here is that NVIDIA claimed that the GTX1080 is faster than two GTX980 in SLI and faster than the Titan X.

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tapmybuttons2962d ago

Should finally be able to play @ 3440x1440 60fps with a single gpu. Look forward to AMD Polaris reveal hopefully before E3.

ShadowKnight2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Yes!!! I'll be upgrading my GPU next month. Still curious about AMD Polaris though. So I might wait to compare the specs even though I always go with Nvidia . I have a feeling that AMD might release their HBM2 memory first . I believe AMD conference meeting is on May 31. I don't know about you guys but I'm really interested in HBM2


_-EDMIX-_2962d ago

Jealous! I might consider this for my next build.

tapmybuttons2962d ago

Cool cant wait for the conference. Same HBM2 seems quite interesting. Really excited to see what AMD brings to the table, the 400 series is finally meant to be power efficient. As a owner of a R9 280 I must say I haven't experienced any of the stereotypes and the Crimson drivers haven't been bad. Also as of lately they have been punctual with driver support. If the GTX 1060 is a decent price might get that but at the same time wouldn't mind going back to AMD. Nonetheless great time to be in the market for an upgrade :)

babadivad2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Polaris us a mid-range GPU. You will have ti wait until Vega in 2017 for a response to this from AMD.

Why am I getting so many disagrees. If some of you did some research you would know this was true. Polaris is aimed a the mid-range. Vega is the flagship and it isn't launching until Q1 2017.

ravinash2962d ago

This is great timing for me.
My PC is about 7 years old and dying a slow death with windows 10 needing drivers from companies that don't exist anymore.
Guess I'll get a new motherboard and processor this month and a new graphics card next month... happy days!

fr0sty2962d ago

@tap, why such an odd resolution? 4K (the home variant) is 3840x2160, aka 2160p

SonyWarrior2962d ago

amd is always behind nvidia...... ill never buy a amd processor EVER again

RedDevils2962d ago

@SonyWarrior you're such an ignorant Nvidia fanboy.

VJGenova2962d ago

Frosty, 3440 x 1440 is an ultra wide resolution that many UHD monitors have. Ever notice the black bars on 4k movies? Imagine no black bars. Also, it is more likely that these new games will run at 60 fps with the 1080 at this resolution than at 3840 x 2160. It is a good in between resolution.

TheCommentator2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Ironically, Sony Warrior, the PS4 has an AMD GPU in it... and to add insult to injury the GTX 1080 still doesn't support FL12.0 because it has no ACEs. Nvidia is actually falling behind the curve as of late.

Tap My Buttons, if you do invest in a GTX1080, you'll be able to use DX12's Explicit Multi Adapter to run a new AMD card (like Polaris or Vega) right along with it and get both FL12.0 and FL12.1 processing in one rig.

TheCommentator2961d ago

Lol. Disagrees for stating the facts.

forager2961d ago

Wait isn't Polaris targeting the "lower end - mid range" gpu? For example, trying to replace a r9 390 with a cheaper more energy efficient card? I haven't heard news on the $300-$700 end spectrum? Anyone else? Still excited though:)

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SniperControl2962d ago

Damn, bought a 980ti a few months ago as i thought the new pascal cards would be around £700-800 on release, but jeez £500 is what i nearly paid for the 980ti.
Anybody want a slighty used 980ti?

Ipunchbabiesforfun2962d ago

If it's EVGA you have 90 days

antikbaka2962d ago

don't hurry and wait for independent reviews based on actual gameplay.

ShadowKnight2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

@Edmix I had my GTX 980 since release date and it's time for a new GPU especially for 4K and VR. Does the pascal architecture have async compute at hardware level?

Xristo2962d ago

On my Acer X34 Predator, I maintain 60+ on most games with a single 980ti. Witcher 3 does dip into the 40s however, Gsync makes up for any sub-60fps dips. This 1080 should ensure that even THAT game stays above 60fps. I'll sell my 980ti when the non-reference 1080ti cards are released. Until then, a single 980ti on a 3440x1440p (w/gysnc/freesync) monitor is easily good enough for most games at max.

ShadowKnight2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

I love how the Acer Predator PC looks

tapmybuttons2962d ago

If the GTX 1080 can play Witcher 3 on ultra at 60fps 3440x1440 that would be the deciding factor for me.

starchild2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Yep, Gsync is awesome. I have a 1440p Gsync monitor and even my overclocked GTX 970 drives it fairly well. Actual framerates depend on the game of course, but even the most demanding games generally stay above 30fps. Most run much higher than that. Either way, it all stays consistently smooth.

The reason I am still going to get either a GTX 1070 or a GTX 1080 is because I am an enthusiast gamer and I can. Specifically, though, I want to be able to run high levels of downsampling (DSR) to get super clean image quality while simultaneously achieving higher framerates. My monitor refreshes up to 144hz, so I'd like to utilize more of that high framerate ceiling. The faster the framerate is the better the controller response and visual feedback are, and movement looks more liquid smooth and natural.

Meltic2962d ago

Ahh so Will My 980 ti be useless next year for 1080p Max settings for gaming ? Thats enough for me :/

VJGenova2962d ago

You will be fine. These cards are for 1440p, 1600p and 2160p. No need to upgrade unless you want to push the higher resolutions.

OverdosedWitDopeness2962d ago

You should be good at 1440p max @60fps with that card for at least the next 2-3 years

R6ex2962d ago

You're good for next year (though newest, unoptimized DX12 titles may dip below 60fps) if 40+, 50+ fps is fine by you for future titles (I need at least 40fps to prevent headache). I held off the 980Ti purchase for 6 months to wait for the 1080. Yesterday's reveal was my happiest day this year!

Mega242962d ago

I think AMD will announce the new GPU's at PC Gamer's event. Like they did last year with the Fury X last year.