Uncharted 4 Sets A New High Bar For Storytelling

"The latest from Naughty Dog includes a good story, but it’s the way that story is told that shines."

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Aloy-Boyfriend1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Another milestone reached!

Amy's departure was sad, but I knew this game was gonna turn out well in the hands of the critically acclaimed The Last of Us directors and Josh.

Sparta071523d ago

Lmao!!! Remember everyone saying uncharted was going to suck cause she left and how ND was going to fail.
Can't freaking wait to play this masterpiece!!!

1523d ago
DigitalRaptor1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Yeah, I've been giving Druckmann too much credit, probably because TLoU was so good.

Josh Scherr doesn't seem to get enough of it.

magiciandude1523d ago

Can't wait to see for myself. May 10 hurry up and get here!

georgenancy1523d ago

lol funny...... i've seen you trolling ps articles

DigitalRaptor1522d ago

Paying attention huh? We have a few frauds on here.

Majister-Ludi1523d ago

Lol should probably stick to how good the graphics are.

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rezzah1523d ago

You should find another hobby, this one isn't right for you.

Actually you are not right for it.

DoctorFry1523d ago

Three more days and the wait is finally over!

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