North Carolina-Based LawBreakers Studio Proudly Adds Gender-Neutral Bathrooms to the Game

“Gender neutral bathrooms in our new game, @PatMcCroryNC. It takes place in the future, unlike the past you envision.”

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yarbie10001108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

Because we need more stories where women are being prayed upon by men in the bathroom...

kaizokuspy1107d ago

You do understand a gender neutral bathroom is one stall/ toilet/ and sink. You can lock the door. It's safer to use than the public bathroom of your gender. Don't know why anyone is getting upset. Walmart has had them in the back of the store for ages. How does this affect you negatively?

ExPresident1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

Misread something. Edited.

joab7771107d ago

It is not this way everywhere, and I believe that he us referring to the story in which a Transgender can use whatever room they want.

And I have to agree. And no I don't think Transgender are pedophiles or rapists. But pedophiles and rapists do exist, and it's just another legal Avenue for them to abuse.

PeaSFor1107d ago

i identify myself as a combat helicopter, i want my special toilet.

kaizokuspy1107d ago

Even if it weren't like that everywhere, that should be the compromise. It's not hard to incorporate. I wouldn't think 50 Trans people would need to use the same toilet at the same time.

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PerfidiousSinn1108d ago

No idea what this game is, but this is cool.

Kalebninja1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

What a joke, I can't believe they're actually putting that in the game let alone GNB's even being a topic, that should never happen.

rainslacker1107d ago

Eh, it's a hot topic here in NC at the moment. Well....not gender neutral part, as bathrooms are still assigned a gender, or can be. Just what constitutes the definition of gender. Since Cliffy lives here in NC, I imagine he thought it'd be progressive. I personally think gender neutral is much further away than what's being proposed now.

Otherwise, it's a political statement which hardly needs to be addressed in a game, and many bigger facilities already have gender neutral bathrooms available, just they tend to be more private where only one person can enter at a time.

Anyhow, I think he was doing it more to show up Pat McCrory, who is a tool even by your standards of what is considered morally right, and actually makes you look rather moderate on most issues pertaining to it.

DiscoKid1108d ago

Anything to make more SJWs play your games, I guess...

pompombrum1107d ago

Seriously wish developers would keep this crap away from games, maybe they think it's a neat touch or an artistic statement but really, there is enough ridiculous SJW stuff in RL to contend with, can't I escape that rubbish in my games now?

Ratty1107d ago

I don't know anything about that game but unless it's all about waltzing into bathrooms I don't think you'll even notice.

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