GameDaily: Batman: Arkham Asylum Preview

Mention the words "Arkham Asylum" to any die-hard comic book fan and they'll immediately rattle off an opinion about their favorite Batman stories. It's been a legendary location for numerous Batman books, shows and movies, including the 2005 film Batman Begins. Now it's the hot spot for the Caped Crusader's next video game adventure, Batman: Arkham Asylum for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

In the game, you control the Dark Knight as he comes face to face with the Joker, one of his most feared adversaries. When the story begins, Joker's in captivity at Arkham, but it's not long before he gets loose and becomes the Bat's worst nightmare. To make matters worse, other legendary villains show up, potentially putting Batman and the rest of Gotham City at risk. We know that the gigantic Killer Croc is one of the villains but the rest remain a mystery.

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Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

A giant killer croc? You mean like ...umm what was his name? Leatherback from the old school ninja turtles? Will the batman croc also wear a hat and a vest and throw lobsters too? LOL

thereapersson3703d ago

Hopefully this game turns out to be good, and not a flop supported by a comic book license like so many other games before it.