No NX at E3 — Truly a Bad Idea?

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

Nintendo took the industry by surprise last week when they announced that they would not be showing off their upcoming system at this year’s E3. Nintendo has a long history of using the show as the grand stage for each of their console reveals, so the fact that the company is skipping it this year left quite a few folks scratching their heads.

My initial reaction to the news was definitely synonymous with the general consensus of the crowd. “This is so stupid!” I thought to myself. But it has been a week now, and I’ve been looking into the situation a little more. After taking a good look at the various factors, it has all led me to ask this question—is it really all that bad that the NX isn’t coming to E3?

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XXXL1108d ago

Yes. It truly is a bad idea.

pcz1107d ago

the only thing worse than no NX at e3, is nintendo turning up only to have one game in playable form.

it doesnt suggest a tactical absence, rather, a severe lack of software in a decent enough state to have playable demo's.

to me, the fact they delayed the unveiling of the nx AND only have one game in playable form, says that nintendo is in a really bad situation.

i mean, one could forgive the lack of NX at the show if nintendo made up for it with the software at the show. but no, instead its a double whammy- no NX and no new software.

nintendo have fallen off

LOL_WUT1107d ago

Indeed. It's a terrible idea. Not only did they announce it too early, they're hurting WiiU sales even more. And whats more sad is that you got people defending this ;)

TeamLeaptrade1108d ago

I have a feeling Nintendo will reveal it at a special event of their own maybe. I would love to see an announcement at E3, but part of me thinks we'll see something sooner than E3 2017.

wonderfulmonkeyman1108d ago

It gives them more spotlight to themselves, and if the system is great, it'll benefit from not having to share.
But in the end, it'll all come down to how Nintendo shows it off.
They can't afford to do a lack of proper advertisement for it like they did with the Wii U, that's for sure.

LOL_WUT1107d ago

Just yesterday Battlefield 1 was announced for the PS4 and X1 and once again another missed opportunity. Are you starting to get the picture?

Now tell me, do YOU honestly believe skipping E3 and the holiday season is still a great idea? The way I see they're loosing a lot of ground by delaying the system let alone talking about it ;)

Rute1108d ago

I'm guessing Nintendo is holding back rom revealing NX because of some secret key selling feature so that it doesn't get copied by competitors.

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The story is too old to be commented.