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The release of the year almost every PS4 owner is looking forward to is Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, reportedly the last part in the Uncharted franchise created by Naughty Dog. The franchise has taken the PS3 to a higher level and put itself on the map as one of the best franchises ever on this console. The developer behind the game is praised by every gamer as a developer who knows what they are doing and to get the most out of a console. It is therefore understandable that the expectations surrounding Uncharted 4 are sky high. The road to it was not easy, and after several delays it seemed like a mirage when the game finally arrived on our doorstep. "Would it really be that good?" The first thing we said to each other, and when we realised the moment was finally here to go on an adventure with Nathan Drake for the last time. An adventure you will never forget? Read on!

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seanpitt231915d ago

Can not believe Sony put a shipping restriction on this game they want retailers to ship it on Monday allowing one day to get to you its bs. They would rather let you get this game one day late than on time. One of the retailers have not listened to Sony anyway and shipped them out yesterday and some people got the game today. Sony made a bs move and made it worse.

MasterCornholio1915d ago

Well at least it doesn't hurt the game.

CrazedFiend1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

You're talking about one day.

ONE day.

I seriously don't think this is going to cause a shift in the planet's alignment.

Livecustoms1915d ago

Thats a common practice nearly EVERY company uses !

SniperControl1915d ago

My collectors edtion got shipped today by Game in the UK.

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Wallstreet371915d ago

Amazon for some reason doesn't ship early anymore grrrrr but ill get my collectors edition Tuesday anyway.