Battlefield 1 Collector's edition costs $220. Is that too expensive?

Would you pay $220 for a game today? A story about digital vs physical, marketing tricks, and video game prices.

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detroitmademe1113d ago

First reaction is it's too expensive but I'd say it would depend on what's offered

badz1491111d ago

Seriously, who ever buys a Collector's Edition fot any annualized franchise is stupid and rightly deserve to be scammed with overpriced poo!

Relientk771112d ago

I would not pay $220 for that lol. Doesn't look like its worth anywhere near that

SaveFerris1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

For the game itself and what is being offered in the collectors edition? Yes. Too expensive.

annoyedgamer1112d ago

There was a time when we said the DLC was too expensive. Not to worry, the masses will purchase it anyways thereby confirming to the corporations that their pricing structure is viable and the once inflated price will become standard.

VerminSC1112d ago

It depends on the quality of the statue

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The story is too old to be commented.