Gamespot: Castle Crashers Review

For those who have been crying about the absence of new brawlers, Castle Crashers has arrived to save you from your lamentations. The game is a hilarious adventure through medieval countrysides, enemy-filled castles, and venting volcanoes in search of true love[s], as well as the end of evil. It has some online issues, but storming a castle has never been more fun.

The Good:
* Crisp art design really makes the game shine
* Multiple game modes are fun to play with friends or alone
* Eclectic original soundtrack makes each level feel unique
* Boss fights entertain as much as they challenge
* Genuinely amusing sense of humor.

The Bad:
* Online connection issues handicap the multiplayer experience
* Not as many features as you'd hope for.

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heyheyhey3795d ago

Fat Princess looks better

heyheyhey3795d ago

just saw extensive footage of CC

it looks pretty awesome aswell

Madgunner3794d ago

came from my friends house ... i was playing this game... it was CRAZY FUN... granted i dont think XBL titles are better than PSN's , but this one title is sure something special had tons of fun last night with this with my buddies