I'll give Nintendo credit, they're honest about the NX

While Sony and Microsoft sit back and watch the pot of rumors boil over, unable to even mutter the slightest word on the situation of revamped hardware, Nintendo is free from such paralyzation, able to lay out the groundwork for fans.

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pcz1113d ago

no. if nintendo were honest about the nx, they would announce it will have no third party support, have obsolete technology inside and be extortionately priced. they would also announce the reason they are delaying wiiu zelda for ANOTHER YEAR to release simultaneously on nx, is because without it, there would be little to no reason to buy an nx at launch.

jcnba281113d ago

Wow! Look everybody this kid already knows everything about the NX! He must be psychic!


You are just a sad, delusional and misinformed individual.

1113d ago
jstark1113d ago

every console launches with obsolete hardware lmao

gamerb61113d ago

Lol u wish. Get a girlfriend and a life already lol u must be the sadest person to ever live. Jeeez d;o)

1113d ago
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Fin_The_Human1113d ago

I honestly don't agree with Nintendos approach to how the reveal games and consoles but that just me and have my reasons.

I really hope that they deliver with the NX and start to compete again but I wont hold my breath and expect some kind of gimmick with the NX and it wont be aimed at the hardcore gamers.

This is coming from someone who grew up on the NES, SNES, N64 and the Game Cube which I enjoyed but had my doubts on where Nintendo was heading after that.

Tbot381113d ago

To hell with the hardcore gamers. In my opinion, they are the biggest whiners of them all!

_-EDMIX-_1113d ago

Agreed as an owner as well of those previous platforms I'm currently skeptical of their approach and definitely don't think it's a great idea currently how they've been marketing their games and platforms.

Pullmywaffle1113d ago

They sure weren't honest about the wiiu, and it tanked. You willing to trust your hard earned money with a company that is stuck a decade behind everyone else, you're pretty brave.

fox791113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

There not a decade behind ? Maybe in your head mate as you gush over Sony Playstation's and all they do every gen is the same all over again but with slightly more power,at least Nintendo bring fresh ideas to the table unlike Sony or Microsoft...

Nintendo's new president is straight to the point and this will make Nintendo popular in the west again....

Goldby1113d ago

On sony's defense, it is bringing alot of indie games to the table through ps4 and the PSVR is pretty revolutionary when a company can bring a VR HMD to the masses without losing money per headset

SpinalRemains1381113d ago

Yes a decade behind. How are you going to watch your bluray films on the NX if it has a cartridge insert?

_-EDMIX-_1113d ago

Not when DLC is something brand new to this company, not when they don't even have a proper online infrastructure and not when PlayStation network is making more money than all of Nintendo...

It's hard to disagree with the notion that this company is 10 years behind because I'm pretty positive in 2006 both Sony and Microsoft had online infrastructures with the basic necessities Nintendo is lacking lots of those are very basic things currently.

They didn't have a unified account system yet were curious as to why people didn't end up purchasing lots of digital content but when you lock digital content to a platform specifically as opposed to an account of course is going to make anyone apprehensive about purchasing anything long-term that they'd have no tangible ownership over on any account elsewhere. That's what people mean when they say this company's a decade behind cuz I'm pretty positive PlayStation 3 when it first released was not locking games to the hardware, neither was Microsoft 360.

I'm sorry buddy but I'm not trying to say this company is better or worse or anything like that I'm merely pointing out that it's extremely difficult to really say they're not behind on many many features.

I'm still in absolute shock and disbelief that the Wii U even released in the state that it did considering it released six years after these other platforms yet still lacked some of those platforms basic features.

jcnba281113d ago

Well said. Sony and Microsoft have always played it safe with just releasing better hardware each console generation. Nintendo actually INNOVATES and takes RISKS.

Sony and MS take the back seat and see if it's successful or not. PS Move (blatant copy of Wii remote) and Kinect would not have been created if it wasn't for the success of the Wii.

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GordonKnight1113d ago

I've got more Wii U games, than PS4 & X1 games combine. The Wii U is only a waste of money to ppl that can only afford one console and they mostly play 3rd party games. Imo

Tbot381113d ago

I for one own the Wii U because I support Nintendo and don't care for third party titles. Haven't bought one in many years.

DarthZoolu1113d ago

I had a WiiU, it was a waste of money because I didn't want to play more Mario. I was actually dumb enough to think I would be playing Zelda already, and that they would make a true console Pokémon and Metroid. But I was dumb and my WiiU collected dust for 2 whole years before I sold it.

blawren41113d ago

Examples of this dishonesty?

C_Ali881113d ago

lol being tight lipped i guess.....

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RosweeSon1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

They are stuck behind in some things sure online infrastructure and playing online but 10 years? If that was the case motion controls and touch screens would be coming in now they didn't they came in 10 years ago thanks to Nintendo with the Wii and DS. Not only that I don't see what was dishonest about Wii U it's a games console it plays games they've not said its more powerful than a ps7 or is future proof for the next 20 years. If you want honesty id go with Nintendo anytime over Xbox. Dishonest how?

As for the comment below 10 years how you gonna watch a blu Ray? On my ps4 duh like my PS3 before that I didn't buy a Wii or Wii U to play blu Rays I bought it so I could play some of the best games around. They didn't advertise it as having blu Ray so what's the problem, only problem I can see is if you bought a Wii u for a blu Ray player.. Why when was that ever advertised. More to the point when have Nintendo ever allowed you to watch traditional films I never saw my NES/SNES Accepting Videos or my N64 or GameCube accepting dvd's Sony so this sure and it's great Nintendo make games consoles for games not entertainment hubs for the sitting room/average family.

sorenx1113d ago

Most sales of ps4 r for Netflix lol 40 million sales only half bought games

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Tbot381113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

My hard earned money will always be spent on Nintendo for they don't let me down. The other two have never gained my interest and mainly are entertainment devices, not gaming machines.

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ABBAJESUS1113d ago

If they don't support indie games and have a great 3rd party support.... Not interested.

jcnba281113d ago

You clearly don't have a Wii U. Indies are supported massively on that console.

Dunban671113d ago

they are supported more than Nintendo has in the past but not as much as their competitors

Darkfist1113d ago

they sure weren't honest when they keep showing that zelda demo(cutscene) to show how great the wiiu before its release, and the amiibo were it can be used for all games, and compar it with skylanders(where they lied saying it most sold on wiiu) but now its just a toy bought by 30 old.

KaladinStormblessed1113d ago

Nothing dishonest about the Zelda demo...because it was just a tech demo meant to show off the capabilities of the WiiU. It was in no way supposed to suggest the art style of the next Zelda.

jcnba281113d ago

Are you for real? The Last Guardian would like to have a word with you.

Amiibo is a massive success. #DealWithIt

Dario_DC1113d ago

You don't have games so you have to play with Happymeal toys. What a joke!

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ChickeyCantor1113d ago

How were they dishonest about the zelda demo that was clearly tagged as tech demo?

bass4g1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

They specifically said multiple times that it was a tech demo and the real zelda would look nothing like it. Also amiibo are pretty much used in all first party nintendo games and people complain about it every time.

JacketsNest1011113d ago

That Zelda demo was a tech demo (and they said as much, repeatedly). There's nothing dishonest about any of that.

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Ruggadagod1113d ago

How is it that the PS3 is still being manufactured yet the Wii U is rumored to be discontinued within 2 years?

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bass4g1113d ago

When things like that happen it's usually because the consoles are being sold in other markets, I'd imagine ps3s are still being sold in china for example. That's not really much of an indicator of whether or not consoles are still being sold though. I don't know about you but I can't remember the last time that I walked into a shop and saw a row of new ps3s on the shelf.

hduce1113d ago

Sony would be foolish to discontinue the PS3. Especially when the PS4 has no native backwards compatibility.

Ruggadagod1113d ago

Xbone doesn't have native backwards compatibility either yet Microsoft discontinued the Xbox 360.

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