Battlefield 1 goes back to WW1... and feels like the most modern shooter of this generation

"Battlefield is going back to World War 1. While Call of Duty forges ever further into the future; into space; into the supernatural, Battlefield is going back to where modern warfare began. The result - from this first viewing - is something more analogue, more personal, and infinitely more brutal. Ironically, by going back to basics, Battlefield feels far fresher than its ever-more-extravagant rivals."

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Is better to go back than to the future yet again

KwietStorm1518d ago

Battlefield has only gone to the future 1 time that I know of. They've went to the past a few times though.

iTechHeads1518d ago

You've played it?
Didn't think so.....

LP-Eleven1518d ago

Yeah, I always hate it when journalists let their hype suddenly cloud everything. Not to get me wrong, what's been shown of this new Battlefield looks promising, but to call it the most modern shooter of the generation, without any real game-play reveal, not only does a disservice to the many released titles, it's hyperbole in the worst way.

kraenk121518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

And all that knowledge you've 'gained' by watching two short trailers with hardly any gameplay?! Congrats

WeAreLegion1518d ago

You know, it's possible to be reputable AND get hits.

JackStraw1518d ago

Says someone who hasn't played hte game and is basing an opinion and an entire BS article off of a 1 min trailer. Pathetic.

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