The Hashtag ‘RIPCoD’ Is Trending on Twitter After The Battlefield 1 Reveal

Battlefield 1 has been officially revealed and we are indeed going back to WW1. Only in Battlefield 1 will you bring a horse to a tank fight and squad-up with your allies in epic multiplayer battles with up to 64 players. One thing's for sure, it’s off to a far better start than Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is

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TheGreatGamer1521d ago

Here's my advice for everyone: Buy BF1 at launch, wait a few months and then buy the standalone version of MW remastered (we all know Activision does this with all their 'exclusive' pre-order incentives)

nX1520d ago

Or don't buy CoD at all, there's lots of other games coming out this fall.

Dirtnapstor1521d ago

Crap...accidentally disagreed.
My plan too.

TeamLeaptrade1521d ago

I will be buying BF1 for sure. I may wait for MW Remastered as well, but most of my friends may pick it up with Infinite Warfare so I may have to cave in. :(

joab7771521d ago

If someone gave me infinite warfare, I would keep MW and try and sell it by itself. I bet I couldn't get $20 for it a day after launch lol!

Spyroo1520d ago

Its because of people like you that they can do this shit because you support this crap

hardcorehenry1521d ago

I don't understand the reaction. Battlefield has always been a league ahead of COD. BF isn't going to be ant more noob friendly than before if that's what people are hoping.

garrettbobbyferguson1520d ago

Battlefield stopped being a league ahead of call of duty when it became EA/DICE's cash cow. It's no better than the trash that activision craps out every year. It's a shame because I used to be huge into both these series. I'm more disappointed in the posters here who cannot actually discern when a game is garbage or not, though.

hardcorehenry1520d ago

so youre disappointed in yourself? that is most troubling!

GreenUp1521d ago

Same can be said for Battlefield... Premium added for free a few months later.

Intentions1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Yeah but one problem is:

Taken from Activision - CoD Infinite Warfare FAQ.
7. Can I play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered without buying Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare?
No, you must own Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in order to get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

So i assume, there might a 'check' thingy to see if you have infinite warfare, or you have to launch CoD 4 within the infinite warfare menu. - but note this is all assumption.

(Could be a standalone eventually, but who knows, but at the moment you will need CoD Infinite Warfare - again an assumption)

Yui_Suzumiya1521d ago

Yeah like the Modern Warfare Trilogy

SenorFartCushion1521d ago

So EA can win?

You are nothing but a sad drug mule.

PFFT1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Id much rather have EA win than Activision. I think its about time they either made a new Engine or heavily modify to the extreme the one the are using cause its needs it bad. Since Infinite Warfare looks EXTREMELY outdated even more so now that BF1 debut. I mean im sure they have money thanks to all of the idiots that buy the season passes and keep purchasing the stupid micro-transactions just to get some stupid meaningless skin and whatnot. I think its about time they started using said money for their games benefit dont you think?

garrettbobbyferguson1520d ago


EA is the company that kills off developers left and right. Why in the hell would you want them to win anything? Contrary to popular belief, they didn't win worst company of the year twice just because people wanted to troll.

MurdochR1520d ago

lol I don't care who wins I care about the game being better and me purchasing it... the end.

scark921521d ago

MW is one of my fave games of all time, but I think ima do this.

Utalkin2me1520d ago

Well maybe you didnt play BF4 multiplayer at launch. Cause if you did you wouldn't be saying " Buy BF1 at launch".

PFFT1520d ago

That is exactly what i am planning to do as well.

Trekster_Gamer1520d ago

Thanks for the advice but I think I'll pass $80 it is a very fair price for what you're getting with this Call of Duty...

Muzikguy1520d ago

That's my plan as well. When this year started I wasn't even thinking about BF or a remastered COD4. Funny how that works

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Patricko1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Yeah RIP... Cod will sell again in like 20 mln copies or more, and BF 1 probably hardly in 10 mln. Every year people are bashing new cod and it always breaks a record in selling.
Of course we will see everything at the launch date.

MRMagoo1231521d ago

well this is the first cod I will be buying since black ops 2 I'm mostly only getting it because my wish for a remastered cod 4 has come true.

BrianOBlivion1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

You should really give Black Ops III a go. Playing it right now and it's become my favourite CoD.

joab7771521d ago

To me, I could give a shit if millions of kids wanna buy some futuristic reskin. Never has the difference b/w the 2 been as obvious as it is now.

I am sure you are right about the sales, but this year won't be about Infinite warfare. It will be about all those people who want MW Remaster.

Cuzzo631521d ago

Im not a kid and i will still buy it. Actually i will get both. I play BF3 still along with COD. COD might not have gone down the path i want but its still fun to play. Its a different experience.

iTechHeads1521d ago

Yeah its kinda depressing.
It wouldn't surprise me if EA is behind this COD hate train.

Sirk7x1521d ago

It's because they have 100 million dollar advertising budgets. They could shit in a video game case and sell it, and people would still buy it with that much air time on tv.

Stereotypical_gamer1521d ago

Your right and I can't tell if that's the power of marketing or a testament of how stupid the western consumer is, what do you think?

WellyUK1520d ago

It's the typical vocal people who are saying RIP cod. CoD is not going any where any time soon, it's still a behemoth in gaming and will more than likely out sell everything this year again.

BF1 however does look fantastic but I really want to see some gameplay footage rather than a load of 2 seconds clips edited together.

jmac531520d ago

Well it says something about the current state of your franchise when people are more excited for the remaster than they are for a new game.

Tobsesan1520d ago

I dont think they will sell alot this time around, will be probably the worst selling COD in History. Why you may ask, here you go:
This Holiday we will get Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, Gears of War 4 and the same COD we got the past 4141 years.
Guess what people will choose. But if it really sells 20 million copys, we should be ashamed that a game like this with little to no change still sells bigtime.

Gitgud1520d ago

The game is gonna sell big time, there's no denying that.

22CobraKing1520d ago

It will sell because of the MW remaster. How much of those people are going to sell Infinite Warfare in the first week?

BrianOBlivion1520d ago

If they sold them separately, I'd pick them both up... as well as BF1. I've purchased and played every BF (except the multiplayer only games) and every CoD and they've all been fun. The rivalry is idiotic.

Trekster_Gamer1520d ago

So true Call of Duty out sales every game that comes up against it! The few whiny people here are definitely in the minority and won't change that fact.

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endi1231521d ago

This is the first time that i skip a battlefield game, ww1 setting does not appeal to me, cod for me then

detroitmademe1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Yea the setting wouldn't have been my first choice for the new battlefield but the gameplay at its core is still the most versatile in its respective genre imo. in other words, it has always been #RIPCoD

TheUndertaker851521d ago

You're very correct. The same sort of saying comes up every time another Battlefield game comes out.

Yet here we are in reality where Battlefield doesn't even scratch CoD.

It'll be rather amusing for DICE to go on again about having a "CoD killer" just to fall flat on its face. The same line of bullshit comes up literally every time.

joab7771521d ago

Seriously. Wait until you see this game in action. I am so damn happy b/c I love the fact that the tech can finally portray the brutality of war properly. It's gonna be insane.

Everyone fell in love with MW because of this reason. Battlefield 1 will knock it our of the park. I'd rather have this than fucking lasers.

PhucSeeker1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Told other to wait for the game in action then bashed new cod for only having lasers without seeing the game in action. He's not into WW1 just like you're not into future cod.

And people loved MW because of its perfect modern fps formula for consoles. Even if Ghost was the first modern one then it would have been in MW's place right now getting remastered.

Tobsesan1520d ago

What actual BETTER setting could they have chosen? The best setting ever to be honest. We havent seen alot of WW1 games. Go play COD if you like that kinda thing more. But I really want something good this time around.

Hold_It1520d ago

Pretty much. I kinda hope they do a BC3 after they are completely done with BF1. I'm really excited that DICE is exploring WW1, and doing their own thing rather than trying to mimic the competition and attempt to beat them at the same setting. WW2 would have been cool to ,but then again it's kinda been done to death hasn't it? All I know is that this will be the first military FPS I buy day one since MW2.

Kyoshi1521d ago

The COD series deserves to die. Activision's greed and horrendous business tactics need to die as well. DICE can actually make good games, unlike the COD crew.

sullynathan1521d ago

"DICE can actually make good games" have you played their last 3 games? lol, Activision is greedy but EA is not?

jc121520d ago

Dice games are far more meticulous in their crafting and originality than COD games in my opinion. On the whole, the Frostbite engine is just so much more capable.

badz1491520d ago


"Activision's greed and horrendous business tactics need to die as well."

LOL remember the barebone game called SW Battlefront and its $50 Season Pass?

sullynathan1520d ago

@jc12 maybe in your dreams. DICE have been making the same game since Battlefield 1942 to Battlefield 4 but they've changed setting. At least CODs jump from WW2 to Modern is bigger than anything in Battlefield.

Jayszen1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )


Er...EA who own DICE are just as greedy as Activision and have business practices that are just as 'horrendous'. I can assure you that DICE is not the studio it once was and if any proof was needed just look at the truncated 'Battlefront' that was delivered last year - the game was vastly inferior to its predecessor from a decade ago, Battlefront 2.

EA and Microsoft go hand in glove and had MS succeeded in establishing the anti-consumer DRM policies it wanted to with the release of Xbox One, you would have soon found out just how greedy EA really is. I can assure you that a game and studio will always be worse after EA buys it - e,g. Westwood Studios and the Command and Conquer series. Ruined. Completely.


I agree that the last 3 COD games have been poor when compared with say the first 5 COD games including Modern Warfare. But now that Activision has been shown that the remastered version of COD MW is wanted more than 'Infinite Warfare', chances are that the COD series will also be returning to WW2 roots in the next year or two.

The truth is that any large conglomerate like EA or Activision will always have dubious business practices with which they try and fleece the very consumers they depend on - it is up to us to resist. If we did not buy COD this year, Activision will soon start listening...and fast.

joab7771521d ago

I agree with you 100%. Just seeing the pre order shit is proof enough.

That said, DICE is a top notch developer, and this game is gonna be absurd. My issue with CoD isn't that Activision is the greediest company out there. It's that I'm tired of the same damn game over and over. It's literally absurd at this point. BO3's campaign to me was a fucking joke.

Kyoshi1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Battlefield 3 and 4 were both quality, just had bad launches. Hardline was...meh, it had a cool concept that wasn't used properly at all. And yes, EA is greedy, I never said that they weren't, but we have two greedy publishers, one publishes good games on a far more consistent basis and that is EA. Plus, I don't see EA holding a remastered version of a game that fans loved and will only let you play it if you buy a 'Legacy Edition' for another game for $80. EA did introduce Season Passes to the world which is something I do hate them for, but I always will think that Acitiviosn is just worse.

Stereotypical_gamer1521d ago

Couldn't agree more, EA and Activision will be the reasons I stop gaming.

Kyoshi1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Battlefield 3 and 4 were both quality, just had bad launches. Hardline was...meh, it had a cool concept that wasn't used properly at all. And yes, EA is greedy, I never said that they weren't, but we have two greedy publishers, one publisher good games on a far more consistent basis and that is EA. Plus, I don't see EA holding a remastered version of a game that fans loved and will only let you play it if you buy a 'Legacy Edition' for another for $80. EA did introduce Season Passes to the world which is something I do hate them for, but I always will think that Acitiviosn is just worse.

EDIT: Whoops, replied to myself.

xPhearR3dx1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Actually, Rockstar was the first ones to introduce the Season Pass, EA was the first to take advantage of it. When Rockstar announced the DLC for L.A Noire, they offered a Season Pass for $10 when buying individual would have costed $20. Which gave you a 50% discount. Then after a limited time, raised it to $12, still saving 40%. Now, you'll be lucky to save 10% buying a Season Pass from most companies.

Rockstar did it right. Offer a hefty discount for early adopters who may or may not like all the DLC included, then after a certain amount of content is released, raise the price just a bit but at the same time still offering a decent discount compared to the crap we see today.

Gitgud1520d ago

Square Enix held episode Duscae from fans, the only way you could get FFXV is by pre ordering FF TYPE-0 for $60. No one complained, people bought it and liked it. This is called marketing, and this COD IW with a remaster (looks more like a remake) of MW, considered a game of the generation is selling for 80 fucking dollars. Thats a bargain too me mate.

Utalkin2me1520d ago

"Dice can make good games"? Ok i will let you borrow my copy of BF4. BF4 multiplayer was the worst online experience i have ever experienced. Took 6 months to a year to remotely get things ironed out.

PhucSeeker1520d ago

Battlefield being a good game doesn't mean it can outsell cod tho. Hard truth !

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