Joystiq hands-on: Guitar Hero World Tour

"Hang on a minute," Joystiq thought as they played Guitar Hero: World Tour at Activision's booth at the Leipzig Games Convention, "Isn't this Rock Band?" The layout on the World Tour screen is almost identical to Harmonix's series, with the guitars on either side, the drums scrolling down the middle (with the same horizontal bars displaying bass notes, except in World Tour they're purple, not orange) and the vocals on top. The star power meter, along with the rock meter, is kept in the top left, which means that if you're playing drums or bass guitar, it's not very easy to see.

It took a little while to get used to the drums. The two-tier structure with the cymbals feels great, but can be slightly confusing at first. The drums are a lot bouncier than the Rock Band ones, making them not only quieter, but more fun to play. With Rock Band, the bounce seems to come more from the way the sticks are held, rather than out of the structural nature of the pads. Not hearing the constant thok, thok is definitely preferable too, as anyone who has bought silencing pads for their Rock Band drums will know.

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zo6_lover273729d ago

He said he preferred the Rock Band strumbar? That thing was so horrid I can't begin to explain. He also said he liked the overall design, I for one, Hate fender's, so in turn hate the look of Rock bands guitar.

RevN8r3729d ago

Well at least we know your opinion, and know that you don't like his.

Ice2ms3729d ago

Then use your SG or explrorer they are compatable with Rock Band 2.

IMO I love Strats I Have 2 :P